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Organize Your Stationery with Pencil Cases

While all of us may not be stationery hoarders, we all do use a load of stationery in our lives. There are always situations when we need to grab our pens, pencils, sharpeners, or erasers, and most of the time we find them lying here and there. What if we told you that you can arrange all your stuff in a sleek and compact manner? And that too without the need to rummage here and there! Sounds cool right? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for this everyday problem in the form of stylish wrap-up pencil cases.

These cases are not like the usual pencil cases or pouches in which you have to spill out the entire contents to find your eraser, or in which you end up breaking the leads of your precious pencils. In fact, each wrap around a pencil case comes equipped with an elastic strap to securely hold the contents in place or with designated pockets for your stationery. They unravel to reveal the entire contents and you can easily pick out whatever you need in a jiffy.

Stylish Storage with Canvas Wrap Pencil Cases

Our online collection boasts of a number of beautiful and jazzy prints for you to take your pick from. The tribal printed case has vibrant colours and motifs that look very eye-catchy. You can also opt for the ethnic design with detailed elephant motifs and patterns on the canvas, or the fish printed case with stunning visuals. The cute owl print pencil case is a popular design and looks very unique. The canvas material used for each of these cases is durable and will not wear or tear due to regular usage. The vibrant prints will also stay intact for a long time to come. You can arrange your stationery beautifully in these cases and there’s also space for your sharpener and eraser so that you can keep everything you may need handy in one place. Each canvas pencil roll case can hold up to 24 pencils or pens or brushes and will neatly wrap up. You can fasten them securely using the double cord strap and can neatly slip it into your bag or purse.

Travel Smartly with A Leather Pencil Case

If the canvas is not what you’re looking for then get your hands on a sleek and stylish leather pencil case to store your stationery knick-knacks. Unlike the canvas version, this case comes with pockets for you to safely store and carry your art necessities around. There is also a flap on the top of the case which slips over the contents to ensure that it doesn’t slip out and also to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged while carrying. Now you don’t have to worry about broken leads or bent paint brush bristles. You can roam around without any worries with these pouches as your partners.

Buy Pencil Cases Online with Free Shipping

These pencil wraps are ideal for when you’re on the go. Art students can rejoice with these cases as they can store their coloured pencils, pens, and brushes in one place. In fact, any student can carry these awesome cases as they’ll keep your markers, rulers, pens, and other stuff very handy! Art enthusiasts and hoarders can fill these up with their calligraphy sets, jelly roll pens, or absolutely anything they may require. Just slip them in your bag when you go off to school, college, an art class, or even work! Unravel these cases on a lazy weekend afternoon when you plan to doodle in your backyard or sketch away in a sunny park. Check out our website for more amazing offers and get super discounts on all purchases!