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Out and About with Ease

As soon as the sun rises on a working day, most of us get busy with our daily routine of travelling to college or work. We fret about with our lunch bags, handbags, mobile phones and wallets. The congested roads and terrible traffic jams has made most people turn towards the metro as a means of travelling from one place to another. With so many people pushing and bustling on the platform, it becomes a tremendous task to fetch your card from your wallet or pocket. Wouldn’t it be great if we always had our metro cards handy while travelling? It would be even better if we could keep our shopping cards and a bit of cash accessible just in case we need them in the spur of the moment. A handy pocket wallet is just what we need to save the day!

Stick-on Card Holders – The Perfect Travel Partners

The PU Leather Wallet Pocket by Hamee India is the ultimate companion for those that genuinely want to replace the wallet. Two convenient slots hold your credit cards, metro cards, or any other important cards, and keep them handy for when you need them the most. These everyday essentials make life just a little bit simpler and help you save time when you’re out and about. Keep a bit of cash handy when you’re running errands so that you don’t have to reach for your wallet each time. Even better – just leave your wallet at home! Using a 3M adhesive, the leather wallet pocket will bond to almost all surfaces including your phone case. After all, who leaves home without their mobile phone? This card holder will stick onto any phone model, no matter what the size is. The classy leather finish makes these card pockets look stylish and elegant while they serve a very important purpose. Take a pick from over a hundred designs on the Hamee India website. The brand has beautiful mandalas and floral motifs for those who like dainty designs. The quirky quotes and graphics are very eye-catching and will surely catch the attention of fellow passengers while you travel in the metro. You can also show your personal style with a customized card holder! Get your name, initials, or a small message printed on them for no extra cost!

Everyday Essential Card Holders

These mini accessories may seem insignificant but can actually play a very big role in our everyday life! Every card holder is made-to-order and hand-inspected from corner to corner. With this, Hamee India ensures high-quality products while remain environmentally conscious by preventing excess waste. Get these leather card holders at an introductory price while the offers lasts! Place a prepaid order and get free shipping to top it all.