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Hamee India Brings in the New Laptop Bags

Laptops are a must have for students and their parents these days because most of the schools or colleges have portals through which they post about every other new update of their school or college and even the syllabus and many times the study material is provided by the teachers through these portals making it a totally drastic study world than it was a few years ago. Having a laptop in your possession requires keeping it very sheltered and unharmed especially not to get scratches over the screen or the front of the laptop skin therefore these new laptop bags can be a sure shot compatible pair for keeping your laptops safe from any damage.

These laptop backpacks have a laptop compartment perfect for a laptop under 15.6 inches and a compartment for iPad of 9.7 inches. This particular laptop bag pack has an anti-theft design as each pocket hides the zipper perfectly which is a boon for the owner of the bag as he/ she can keep their belongings safe from the hands of the burglars who are likely to steal the knick knacks specially while travelling from public transport like metro, buses, trains or any other public place which is crowded. These bags also have a USB charging port which allows you to charge your phone anytime anywhere without the trouble of keeping a power bank in hand.

Keep your Laptops in the New Laptop Bags Available at Hamee India

These anti theft laptop Bags are made from durable oxford fabric having waterproof function so that the belongings specially the laptop or the chargers and the USB cables and pen drives and all do not get wet or get damaged due to rain. The backside of this bag is straight and can be easily carried over a roller suitcase without the worry of the bag falling. This durable laptop bag can even open freely like a suitcase as it has a flexible pocket and has multiple storage space for many stuff, you can carry your 13-15 inch laptop in it and it has various slots for keeping your belongings like mouse, pen, diary, headphones, camera and this laptop bag can also be used as a travel partner as it has so many slots to store many items.

Most of us these days are on a rush because of our work, from home to work and sometimes to different cities or country for which these laptop bags are a boon for the workaholic people who liked to arrange a separate bag for their devices and important work documents. This problem of keeping the laptop, mobile and documents together for work is easily resolved in the form of the Laptop Bags available at Hamee India. These bags are available in two variants blue black and grey black.

A Great Travel Companion

There is another variant of these laptop bags which is not in a bag pack form but the basic laptop bags with leather handles and space provided at both the ends to keep your documents or mobile phone handy. The main area where the laptop is kept has a zipper and provides a cushiony protection that even if the bag falls the laptop and other things kept inside are safe and protected from damage. There are two colour variants available for these laptop bags which is grey and black.

Every Laptop shoulder bag provides complete protection to your belongings and you can even carry them to office with your laptop and diaries and can even be paired with any kind of outfit as they look artistic yet professional. Just pick from the colour and you’re ready to go! Browse from the amazing wide collection available with us on our website and pick the perfect Laptop bag that suits your style.