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The Smartest Smartphone – The iPhone 6

Ever since its launch, the iPhone 6 has been outshining all other phones due to its sleek look and outstanding features. The iPhone 6 feels smooth and slick, with a lovely dark glass front that is raised above its rim and is curved at the edges so that it meets the metal in a smooth curve. The phone feels perfect to use as its light to hold and has a decent size. The iPhone 6 uses Apple's A8 processor, designed in-house but based on the industry-standard ARM architecture. There's a separate co-processor called the M8 for sensor input, which helps save battery life by allowing the A8 to go to sleep while physical activity is constantly detected and processed in the background. Although many competitors have surpassed iPhone 6 in terms of resolution or unique features, this handset still remains to be one of the most loved devices!

Designer Back Cases for iPhone 6

Like every phone owner, an iPhone 6 owner would also want to protect their precious phone with the best iPhone 6 cover available in the market. Hamee India provides the perfect solution for such people who not just want quality, but also want something unique at a reasonable price. The iPhone 6 online collection is full of vibrant designs to suit everybody’s style. Priced very reasonable, these iPhone 6 back covers will provide you with the best protection without burning a hole in your pocket. Browse through the various themes and designs to find a case that’s perfect for you. The beautiful peacock design and the dainty floral design have such intricate detailing that can be seen from afar all thanks to the high-definition printing done by the company. There are quirky quotes and abstract motifs for those who want something different to stand out from the crowd. Each iPhone 6 hard case is made using high-quality polycarbonate material that acts as a second skin for the phone and gives a sleek look without adding any unnecessary weight to the device. The printed designs are permanently embedded onto the surface of the case and will never peel off or fade away. The device will remain well protected within the case and will not get damaged during any accidental drops or falls. The precision cut outs on the sides of the case let you charge your device or connect any wire, USB, headset to your device without the need to remove it from the case.

Customized iPhone 6 Cases and Covers

Finding the perfect phone case is every phone users dream. But what’s better than having a case that’s designed just for you? Hamee India provides customized iPhone 6 cases on its website too! You can now get your favorite images, photographs, messages, or even a name printed on the back cover for iPhone 6. Buy iPhone 6 covers on Hamee India and flaunt your personal style! Hamee India has the best collection of iPhone 6 covers in India with over a hundred options to choose from!