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Make Your Home Your Canvas

Who said that artists are the only ones who can create masterpieces? With your home as your art-board you can redecorate your life! From your desk to your shelf, and the kitchen counter to the window pane, all the little nooks in your house can serve as a place to create something wonderful. Hand painted jars make the best decorative pieces for all kinds of houses. These nifty little jars can be kept in any spot of your house to liven it up a little. They not only add beauty to your home, but also serve as functional products with their ability to store knick-knacks.

One-Of-A-Kind Jars

Hamee India has a beautiful collection of exclusive hand painted jars that serve multiple purposes. These printed glass jars can be kept on your kitchen shelf to break the monotony of plain old plastic containers. The intricate designs on these jars are so pleasant to look at and the sunlight bouncing of their surface adds a glistening appeal to them. Fill them up with toffees and candy and top them with a bow! These glass jars for storage also make great gifts and party favours. Hand them out to friends and family and be sure to receive compliments for your choice! A boring workplace can also turn into a lively one with pretty jars adorning the shelves and tables. The glass storage jars can serve as containers for your paper clips and rubber bands. Fill them up with fancy pens or potpourri and let them beautify your table-top. If DIY is your niche, then fill these jars with candle wax and aroma oils and relax your senses. You can also use them as serving containers with yummy puddings and truffles brimming from the edges. Some whipped cream and a cherry on the top will make for an amazing end to a dinner party. The multi-purpose glass jars are available in many wonderful designs. The beautiful bird design jar will look ever-so-pretty lying amongst your crockery set. You can fill it up with tea leaves or sugar and keep it handy for your evening tea. A cute dog design is a must have for all those who have fluffy friends. These transparent jars make it easy to store things and come with a rust-proof cap so you don’t have to worry about what you place inside them. Their air-tight nature makes them perfect for kitchen storage purposes.

Storage and Design

The beautiful collection of custom printed glass jars at Hamee India is sure to appeal to all tastes. Each jar is made with the finest quality material having superior finish and outstanding aesthetic appeal. The unmatched transparency and functionality provided by these jars makes them a perfect choice for your home and office. Buy a glass jar set for yourself or gift one to your friend. Prep up that empty nook with a pick from the Hamee India store. Buy glass jars online and storage jars in India only on Hamee India!