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Keep Your Chargers and Cables Tangle Free!

Keeping your USB cables and pen drives safe and secure is a tedious task for any person and to get a solution for this in the form of leather cable organizers is a silver lining in the dark clouds. To manage the messy cords and use them and specially entangle them from the mess is a task which is very irritating and takes a lot of time because of which many times people end up damaging the cables as they are sensitive and require an amount of care. The leather cable wraps are one product which keeps your earphones tangle free and spares you from the mess of untangling them.

These leather cable holders are sleek and slim and are a perfect store for keeping your chargers and cables mess free. They are easy to carry while you travel which keeps your charges, cables and pen drives safe and organized at a place and you do not have to search for them everywhere and have a conscious thought of losing them. It has buttoned enclosures and can store up to a minimum of four cables or pen drive or chargers which would not just keep them intact but also can be carried anywhere not taking any extra space.

Get Your Cables Organized with Hamee India

The leather cable wrap also has a pocket on the inside so as to store any other important document or anything to keep them safe. The organizer helps in eliminating any potential damage which can be caused by tangling the cables and cords as they can be easily damaged by accidental cutting. Even the leather wire winder is a great product to keep your earphone organized and keep them tangle free. By doing so you avoid the messy cords which are formed when you keep the earphones just like that in your pocket or bag. The cable wrap is so easy to use and also doesn’t occupy much space wherever you keep it. Your earphones can be kept safe in four easy steps and you can enjoy a tangle free experience every time.

These leather wire organizers are made of PU leather which provide a durable and safe location for you to keep all your chargers, cables and pen drives. The leather cable wrap has a brass button enclosure which provides a safe closing for your earphone and also avoids the entangled mess which is created most of the time when we keep the earphones lying here and there. These leather cable wrap will be available in two colours on our website tan brown and blue which will be a new addition in our collection.

Buy Leather Cable Organizers from Hamee India

The organizers available with us are made from PU leather and are durable and made of high-quality material which doesn’t wear off very soon. These leather cable organizers are ideal for whenever you’re on the go. Don’t forget to apply the coupon code while placing your order and also avail discounts on all orders above INR 200 when you make a purchase from our website.