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What is the Difference Between Tempered Glass and Screen Guard?

Both the tempered glass and screen guard performs the similar function of protecting the mobile handsets and other devices like smartwatch screen from scratches and scrapes. But tempered glasses have an added advantage due to the toughened construction that helps it protect the device’s screen against earning the cracks on accidental fall, bang or bump.


Construction is the main reason for tempered glass toughness


Tempered glass is made up by controlled chemical and thermal treatment that gives it the required strength and the ability to absorb shocks and shatters. This particular glass is 5 to 10 times stronger than the usual screen guard and is available for all the leading handset devices from the different brands on various e-commerce portals and in the off-line market, too.


The shortcoming of screen guards


The screen guards are comparatively of lower grade, made up of a thin film only which is quite flexible and soft and hence wear out very fast depending upon its quality. These are usually not able to absorb the shatter or the shock. All these reasons clubbed together make them quite cheaper than the premium quality tempered glasses.



Although good quality screen guards also last for long and don't break easily yet they are not preferred over tempered glasses for mobile handsets which are quite prone to drops or falls. A smartwatch can be protected well with a good quality screen guard as they are not prone to accidental fall too often. The oleophobic coating of premium quality screen guard safeguards the smartwatch's screen without interfering with its functionality. The smartwatch screen guards fit perfectly onto the screen. The most popluar ones are Amazfit Pace screen guards, Mi Band 3 screen protectors, and Samsung Gear screen protectors. You can also get screen guards for Honor band 4.


Reasons why tempered glasses are preferred


Tempered glasses are now commonly known as screen protectors because people prefer enhanced protection for their expensive device and most people don’t like to go for screen guards even though they are cheaper. When a good fortune is spent on buying the latest handset, people generally don’t prefer to compromise on its protection from scratches or scrapes that are rendered by high-quality tempered glasses alone which perform multifunction of protecting the screen and maintain touch, brightness and HD clarity intact.


Professionally installed tempered glasses are bubble free and render smooth 3D touch compatibility because they are very thin, clear and keep the screen feeling smooth, protected from earning fingerprints, scratches, dings, and dents. These temper glasses/screen protectors are designed to fit in the phone’s screen perfectly maintaining HD display’s shine and original response sensitivity due to better light transmittance, anti-reflective, and glare reducing properties.


The tempered glasses with the hardness of around 9H makes them harder even then the knife’s blade and hence protects the screen from unwanted scrapes that could be earned by knives, keys or some other hard substances when rubbed on the device screen, unintentionally. Its edges and the corners are engineered with such smoothness that the user may not even notice that the tempered glass is there.


Where to buy the best quality tempered glasses for your devices?


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There are various combo offers of high quality tempered glasses where you get the set of two glasses at the most reasonable price delivered to your doorstep.


Written by Simran Aggarwal