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What is Pop Socket and How to Use Them?

Do You Know What Pop –Sockets Are?


Have you ever noticed the weird circular sockets attached on the back of someone’s phone?  And then you thought what are they and the use of that. Here is the answer to your query. These circular discs appearing device is called Pop Socket which can be used according to need. Can be collapsed or expanded accordingly. Nowadays people are going crazy over them. Pop sockets are in great demand, especially with the younger crowd.


How to use Pop Socket?


Everyone might be thinking about what’s so great about them and why these are so popular? So, let’s discuss more them to help you figure out with your arising queries.


Provides A Firm Grip and Protects Your Handsets from Dropping


These mini sockets provide an additional grip. Mostly used for the handset with the great size which makes it easy to handle. So, if you drop your phone very often then pop socket will serve you as a best friend and help you to significantly lower the number of drops. They provide you with a firm grip thus making it easy for you to handle your phone.


Picture-Perfect Selfies


At any event, be it a special day, event, occasion and anything which comes to your mind. It all starts with taking a selfie and even end on it. These selfies are memorial and everlasting. So, everyone wants their selfies to be picture perfect.


Let me tell you these Pop Sockets are great for taking selfies. Since they make it easier to hold your phone with one hand, reaching the shutter button becomes effortless. The size of the handset is not a problem anymore. Have fun and click in different angles for your perfect picture of the day. Make memories to relive those moments whenever you look them up.


Make A Stand and Prop Up Your Phone


Now watching movies or episodes in your handset or tablet would not be tiring. The days are gone when you need to hold your handset in your hands for a better view and placing them in different positions or above the table or chair. Just attach a Pop Socket and your problem is solved. If your handset is bigger in size you can use two Pop Socket at a time. But a single one works too.


If using a single pop socket try to place it in the centre of your phone to use it effectively. For used to at a time place the one at the top and other at the bottom.


Tangle Free Earphone


An amazing role these pop sockets play. If you have placed two pop sockets on the back of your phone when placing your earphones is not a difficult task for you. You can easily Wrap your wired earphones around the pop sockets when they are not in use. In this way they will not get tangled moreover you need not find them again and again in different corners. So, the search for earphones every time you need them will solve.


Use Them Only When You Feel Their Need


These sockets are very friendly as they can be removed whenever you feel like. Pop sockets are easy to remove and install at any time you want. While removing it make sure that the Pop socket is flattened, and then remove it slowly from the bottom of your device.


But make sure that after removing them you keep them in the airtight container. The purpose is not to expose it to air for long. As it adhesive gel might lose it stickiness it exposed to air for long. These are simple but life-changing sockets. Once you get used to them it will become a necessary accessory for you. You will find it hard to use your phone without them.



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