Trending Designer Covers for OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 is all set to launch in India in the month of May and the excitement it leaves is not less than anything else. And why would it not be? OnePlus is one brand that always brings the best product for its customers and always focuses on solving one or other usual problem which the customer usually faces. The OnePlus 7 is said to be available in three colour variants black yellow, black purple and cyan grey. And this new phone will need a OnePlus 7 case to protect it from any damage and harm caused due to any accident.


Like the tagline of the device the customers should also never settle for anything less for accessorising their OnePlus 7. The designs available for OnePlus 7 back covers can be found in the description below


Beard Designs


You can find a separate collection of beard designs available in the whole collection of covers for OnePlus 7. There are a lot many trendy designs in this section too which are particularly in demand from the audience and are loved by them. For all the people who want to give a gift to the self-obsessed men in their life they can surely check from the collection of the beard printed covers for OnePlus 7. There are at least 10-15 designs solely available for the beard designs available for OnePlus 7 back covers.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are a must have in the collection of designs available for any phone cover as a matter of fact. These prints are mostly multi coloured and bring a positive vibe when displayed and look very bright and attractive even give a sober look when you pair them with a back cover for OnePlus 7.

The New Leather Covers


The new PU leather covers for OnePlus 7 look very sleek and give a very premium look to your phone. These leather covers are first to be in the collection of OnePlus 7 back covers. These covers have a comfortable grip and provide your phone a cushiony protection against any damage. These leather back covers have two leather pockets available to keep your cards or immediate cash whenever you need it. These leather card pocket back covers for OnePlus 7 are a perfect pair for many people who do not like to experiment with their phone accessories. These leather covers are available in four colours tan, brown, blue and black.


Texture and Patterns


There are so many textured patterns available that it becomes difficult at one point to choose which design to actually choose and which not. There are many mandalas designs available to choose from even many simple one colour texture designs which still look very aesthetic and attractive. There are so many designs which just explore the person and bring out a meaning for them. The textured and pattern designs for covers of OnePlus 7 have that effect on most of the people.

The designs available for OnePlus 7 phone covers are plain and general yet look extremely pleasing to the eye which in turn attracts the customer to buy them without any second thought on the pricing or anything else. Some of the prints are struck with the customer as they are trendy and totally have an impact which makes them visit the website again to buy the cover.


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