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Top 10 Valentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine's day, on 14th February every year in various part of the world, is celebrated in different ways. This day marks the celebration of long lasting love among the lovers, but the genre of love could be parents and children, married couple or couple in relation or just friends. On this day people show their love and appreciation toward the people they adore via different ways like exchanging gifts, romantic dates, gifting beautiful red roses and chocolates, etc.

Thought the expression of love is not reliant on any material object, yet gifts glorify the exhibition of love towards the person. At times, gifts express better than verbal expressions. There have been various symbols that express love and are universally accepted as love symbols namely pink and red roses, images of cupid with bow and arrow, heart shaped chocolates and greeting cards etc.

But then, “The only permanent thing in the world is change.” With the passage of time, the choice of gifts has shifted to more usable gift items rather than objects which are just a token of love and become obsolete after a certain period of time.

Few such usable gift items are available on Hamee India which would be loved and used again and again. Pay a visit to Hamee India and you will be mesmerized by the number of options for the special day which would be pocket friendly, attractive, unique and long lasting at the same time.

The customization facility offered by Hamee India is a unique feature. Under this facility, you may choose the product from the site and get the printing done on it  as per your requirement. This facility adds a personal touch and uniqueness to the product you decode to gift on this special day.

No one in today’s world survives without electronic gadgets. Hence, the protection of these basic necessities is the demand of today. Hamee India offers cases and covers for mobile handsets, laptop and tablets. The covers and cases are made from premium quality material that gives them long life and the hi-end printing technology makes sure the prints get embedded and don't peel off, wear away or fade. The themes of the prints are numerous yet the price is very reasonable. The home delivery option from Hamee India allows you to send the surprise gift straight to your beloved. Get the print of your choice printed on the case or cover if you have any special requirement. Over 30 models of different brands of mobile handset covers are available on Hamee India.

You can also find all kinds of laptop and tablet cases which are completely compatible with chargers, microphones, etc. 

Then there are coffee mugs available on Hamee India which have awesome prints on them. There is an offer with coaster plate too which may symbolize your partnership.

Memo water bottles make the best gift as the summers are approaching sooner than expected.


Smart watches also find place on Hamee India's page as smart people go for smart watches for  monitoring their moves and stay abreast with latest changing technology.


Fitness is mantra for all and to keep check on the fitness, devices are there on Hamee India to keep you reminded in case you go off track from your fitness schedule.

Hamee India not only sells the product but also ensures that you get their protection enhanced too. On Hamee India there are screen guards and tempered glasses for smart watches like Fitbit and Apple and many mobile handsets.

Apart from covers and screen protectors, Hamee India has:

Fridgeezoo - English Speaking Fridge Pets

This unique product from Hamee India will greet you with “Good Morning” in the morning and “Soon to Sleep” in evening when you open the fridgedoor. It will also get angry in case you leave the door of your fridge open for a long time.

The list of the products is almost endless. Choose the ideal gift for your adorable darling and win accolades. The gifts are durable and the brand tag of Hamee India make it worth the money you spend as Hamee India always strives to provide the best quality products to its customers. 

- Simran Aggarwal