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Do you miss out some important calls or notification while you’re driving or you’re not near your phone or when your phone is on charge? Then you need to take a smart move i.e. Smartwatches.

Yes, Smartwatches are at your rescue. As we all know that technology market is changing rapidly and companies are coming up with all new inventions. The proverb is correctly said that ‘What does new will become old fashioned the next day’. This suits correctly to the tech world.

Like watches, you can select the material of strap, size, and shapes. Now a watch can also do multiple things such as allow you to put reminders, alarms, notifies you when message comes, reminds you the task and the bonus here is it also counts your steps and measures your heart rate.


1) Hamee Ambitech Round watch Bluetooth Smartwatch with SIM Slot

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

Are you constrained by budget and also looking for some elegant though classy stuff? Then this Smartwatch is perfect for you.You can get this smart watch online on Hamee India's Website.

You have a wide range of variety to select your background color. There are functions which will keep you healthy and track down your fitness and heart rate.


2) Pebble Time Steel

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch is quite premium in design and look – wise. This Smartwatch has a good battery life and a variety of apps.

You will get a variety of selection in Pebble time steel Smartwatch. They have their customized app which communicates with the Smartphone.

There are many customization options too.


3) Huawei Watch

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch has an exquisite design and quality. This watch is the best Android Wear Smartwatch.

It has some out – standing designs which will definitely tempt you to buy and flaunt out.


4) Apple Watch Series 2

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

Are you obsessed with iPhone? Or are you a fitness freak? Thinking what’s the connection between both of them?

Well, this Smartwatch offers you both the style and elegance of iPhone and a trick to keep an eye on your health too.

This is a perfect combination with good battery life.


5) Samsung Gear S2

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch is fancy and has attractive designs. It has the basic functionality like fitness tracking but it also has some interesting functions such as rotating bezel.

It also stores music. It can be a handy music player.

It is a sleek Smartwatch which can enhance your personality and also keep you updated and fit.


6) Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch is the product of Chinese company and child product of Moto 360 watch. There are number of sensors such as Ambient Light Sensor, Optical Heart Rate sensor. It is shield by Coring Gorilla Glass 3. It is also water and dust resistant.


7) Hamee Sportitech Round IPS Camera Watch Bluetooth Smartwatch

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch is facilitated by a number of apps such as sleep monitoring, calories calculation, sedentary remind, calendar and so on and so forth.

Are you a sporty person? Then there is a special feature for you – Sports Mileage Records. There is hand free Bluetooth phone call which keeps you updated even when you’re not around phone. Isn’t it cool? I know it is. This is a perfect smart watch for men.


8) Titan Juxt Pro

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch is the product of Titan. They provide their customers with good battery life which run on 450mAh battery which lasts battery approx 36 hours. It is protected with Coring Gorilla Glass 3. This watch will work in a smart way by calculating your calories burnt etc.


9) Fitbit Blaze

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

Fitbit Blaze is one of the best Smartwatch anyone could have. They have sold a number of Smartwatches all over the globe. You can now easily optimize your workout and have every record of the step you take. Now gauge your progress, heart rate, and different sports modes. Now is time to take your fitness to next level. With keeping updated with your fitness routine Fitbit blaze also keeps you updated with day - to - day message notifications, calls, reminders, alarm, clock etc. it is a sleek piece worth experiencing. The screen of the watch can be protected using a Fitbit Blaze screen guard.


10) Hamee Reflex Bluetooth Smartwatch with Sim Card Slot and Camera

Smart Watch Online | Hamee India

This Smartwatch watch serves you with various features such as a pedometer, barometer, sleep monitor, multi-language, and a handy music player and so on and so forth.

It is compatible with Android 4.3 with Bluetooth sync of 3.0. It has a commendable battery life of 350 mAh. Now making and receiving call have never been so easy. This Smartwatch also facilitates you with front camera and call history. This is truly a Smartwatch.


- Priyanka Parekh