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Top 10 Essential Fitness Gadgets
Show your love and affection to yourself. As the technology also helps in maintaining you in that perfect shape to fall in love with yourself all over again.
There are plenty of gadgets which will help you to track your fitness but you definitely can't rely on any random thing when it's a question of health and fitness.You need to prevail some common sense and be wise enough.
You need to prevail some common sense and be wise enough.
Are you aware, there are gadgets that work parallel with your smartphones to keep you in that shape or help you get that toned body which you have always dreamt of.
Fitness has been people's priority and what's bad in sparing some time for getting fitter.

1) Hamee Wireless Bluetooth Earphones:
As we all know music is the best therapy either it is a walk in a park or cycling or your workout. Now keep a count on your every workout session without hurting your ears or without getting irritated. The most exciting element in this Hamee product is that it offers you wireless earphones which will keep you free from managing the wires and aids you in motivating your workout and keep your beloved body in shape. You can choose from two varients

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphoneWireless Bluetooth Headphone

2) Hamee Water Bottle:
Stay hydrated!! Is the most important part of any fitness regime, but let’s not forget that storing water in BPA – Free high-quality bottle will help to in being hydrated in a more healthier way. Hamee also provides a variety of motivational quotes for Gym addicts that will always keep you going a mile extra. You can choose from 100+ designs and 5 different colors.

Hamee Water Bottle

3) Hamee fitness Band:
A perfect equation of being fashionable and being a fitness freak. It tracks your extra efforts towards your fitness. Measure your every walk, run or be happy to see how much you have burnt your calories. Hamee India is here to resolve your issue and give your fitness personality a boost.

Hamee Fitness Band

4) SpeedX Unicorn Smart Bike:
As we all know cycles these days have an advance version with plenty of features but this is something which is now my current favorite fitness gadget. This cycle is made for all, looks cool and it has ample to features such as a touchscreen that facilities to track your distance, heart rate while riding and also calories burnt. The bike weighs lighter than 2 pound due to its infrastructure.

5) Sensoria Smart Sock:
Yes it’s a sock. And it is also a fitness gadget. UFFF….yes I’m serious it’s a pair of the sock which helps you in your fitness regime. It is mainly useful for runners and a guide to how to improve your performance. The best part of this gadget is, it’s washable and can be used next time. It also advises you about your pace and how your feet must be landed correctly.

6) HAPIfork:
Can’t really keep track of your food? This fork will reduce you eating pace. It gives small vibrations if you’re speeding up on your meals. It’s is a machine which tracks your intervals and eating duration every single minute. Yes!! It's washable and reusable.


7) Finis Neptune:
Now music can help you in not just an extra lap but few more. Yes, an extra lap. Now you can attach this music device to your swimming glasses and enjoy your water dive. This device works on your bone conduction audio to relay music without ear buds. Now enjoying your swimming is now getting exciting.

8) Misfit Shine:
Want to be on your desired goals? Or keen towards achieving it? Misfit Shine is a perfect one for you. It tracks your movements and activities and helps you to achieve it irrespective of a dive or on arm reason being it is waterproof!

9) Sportiiiis:
Cycling is the best way to fitness. Now get free from the hassle and puzzle of tracking stats. Now listen to your real-time heart rate, speed, power etc. It can be attached to the cycling glasses.

10) JBL UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphones:

These wireless earphones give you exact details of heart rate, pace, distance etc to improve your workouts. Most importantly the earphones stay in ears itself while working out. The common problem everyone encounters.

- By Priyanka Parekh