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Time With Samsung

The S3 Time Machine

To quote Colin Hanks , “I collect watches because I'm always late, and I need to know exactly how late I'm going to be - in order to come up with a good excuse.”



In today's fast paced world who doesn't need a watch? It may be to check the time, plan the day ahead, or it may even serve as a fashion accessory. But the advancement in technology has lead to the birth of smart devices which are slowly becoming constant companions for humans. These devices are highly functional and also simplify life to a great extent. One such smart device is the Samsung Gear S3 Watch.

The Samsung Gear S3 a master piece from the brand house of Samsung and comes with super features like a steel bezel that one may rotate to access apps and notifications.

Wrapped around the wrist

One may text, call and get notifications directly on this super smart watch via blue tooth. The built-in GPS keeps track of your activities and makes it easy to share your location whenever and where ever you want to.

Military-grade performance

Samsung's Gear S3 is totally water resistant, dust resistant, displays extreme temperatures and the occasional drop in atmospheric temperatures.

Completely compatible

This smart watch enhances your smartness and is compatible with smartphones using Android OS 4.4 and higher. Also iPhone 5 and higher versions can be connected via Bluetooth compatibility of this watch.

SOS services

You can pair your smartphone easily with your smartwatch. What's better is that you can notify your contacts in case of emergency. Three presses on the home button will also send an alert to the security company you signed up with.

Safeguard your smartwatch

Every expensive acquisition requires insurance be it on paper based or mental. Owners of this smartwatch also have necessity to get this masterpiece safeguarded against many evils like water, scratches etc.

Hamee India is a leading brand in the gadgets and accessories market and offers the perfect solution for protecting the Samsung S3 smartwatch.

Their Samsung Gear S3 tempered glass and screen guard is of unmatched quality. It has rounded edges that fit perfectly and prevent chipping. Each tempered glass pack also includes wipes to makes sure that the screen is perfectly clean before placing the glass to avoid bubbles. 

The brand of Samsung offers the face change of Samsung Gear S3 watches but Hamee India offers the required screen protection via tempered glasses and screen protectors. Users of this smartwatch can blindly opt for Hamee India as their go-to option for all gadget and accessory requirements. And those who are planning to invest in the Samsung Gear S3 can be rest assured that Hamee India has their back for complete protection for their smartwatch!