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The Laughing Buddha

Who was the Laughing Buddha?

The Laughing Buddha has become a common and popular name for Budai who was a Buddhist Zen monk who lived in China over a thousand years ago. He was a jolly fellow and always had a great big smile on his face. That is why he best known by his nickname “Laughing Buddha”. One legend tells a story illustrating the claim that Budai wanted people to stay positive and joyful.

The Laughing Buddha is cherished all over the world. He is found in homes, restaurants, places of business and so on. He is the Buddha of abundance and happiness and his main intent is to become a constant reminder to smile, stay happy and enjoy your life. He is also known as the “Buddha of Wealth”. It is believed he will bring wealth and prosperity to a home or business. It is very easy to recognize the Laughing Buddha. He is shown wearing a robe and prayer beads often hang around his neck. He is bald and has a big fat tummy.

Spreading Happiness with the Laughing Buddha

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

You may have noticed that The Laughing Buddha is always full of joy. He brings a smile to whoever sets their eyes on him. One thing that we should learn from him is that we should always be happy no matter what life throws at us. He serves as a constant reminder to never be put down by troubles and bad situations that we may come across.

Many times you may see that the Laughing Buddha is seen with a bag. It is believed that the Laughing Buddha takes your worries from you and stuffs them in the bag making sure you stay happy and carefree. The Laughing Buddha is also seen with coins to denote wealth and prosperity. Though this may not bring you loads of material wealth, but how does it matter? The most important thing here is to stay content, healthy and enjoy a long life. So go ahead, visit Hamee India and fill your life with the happiness you deserve!