Stay Hydrated This Summer with A5 Notebook Water Bottles

As summer has come full circle, so has the need to stay hydrated all summer in order to stay healthy and in tune with the scorching sun. Also people avoid carrying bottles as they add on weight to the bag and make it heavier to carry around. To tackle this problem here is a solution of notebook style water bottles. You can beat the heat this summer by having these A5 notebook water bottles which not only save the extra weight but also provide a sense of style and comfort to its owner.


These bottles do not have such a weight rather they can be easily carried in school bags and even in handbags as they don’t occupy any extra weight. These bottles are a great travel partner as they don’t occupy any extra space in your luggage or bags rather they can be kept easily in your side bags or handbags. These slim water bottles are available in many colours like blue, black, clear, pink and brown.


Easy to Carry anywhere and Occupies Less Space


These bottles occupy the same space as a notebook would occupy and can be taken to the gym or even when you’re out for a run as they don’t put so much weight in your hand while carrying too. These bottles are BPA free and are safe for keeping water filled in them and can be used for a long period of time. These Notebook bottles are durable and can carry 420ml of water at one go which is a small amount but is a silver lining for the people who avoid keeping bottles because of the weight they put.


These notebook water bottles have a flat design and you can even get some fun and quirky prints listed over our website for these or even you can go for customization print which can be easily done at a minimal extra cost. These bottles are freezer proof and a level of heat resistant also though very hot drinks should not be poured in them to avoid breakage. These bottles can be a cool partner for people who go out to take a stroll and do not want to get dehydrated and also do not want to carry a whole heavy bottle in their hands.


There are so many designs to choose from that you can select one for each occasion if you want to gift your family and friends. There are some quirky designs available which add an extra tinge of quirk to the bottle and add a fun element to it. You can find collection of many products available online at Hamee India like MacBook covers, laptop sleeves, and notebooks, file folders, mugs and coasters, mobile back covers and flip covers and many others. These are made using premium quality material which not only looks good but is durable.


Count on the A5 Notebook Water Bottles for an Amazing Experience


The site is well known for offering various discounts and privileges to its customers without compromising on the quality of the products. So, you can browse through the website and avail the superb opportunity and grab the best A5 notebook water bottles and many other products. So keep yourself hydrated this summer with the enthralling notebook water bottles available with Hamee India.