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Scribble Your Thoughts Away

Notebooks Collection on Hamee India

Notebooks are ideal partners for note writing, memorandum, drawing, scrap-booking, etc. A permanent source of written records which could be preserved for decades, are notebooks. The smartphones have replaced notebooks to an extent yet they haven’t been completely written off from writers reservoirs. Digital notebooks combine digital space and simplicity of simple pen but they lack the beauty aspect of handwriting. The hand written text is an art in itself which no electronic /robotic device could ever replace completely. The beautifully hand written composition has far more reaching impact then any device could fetch. The manual aspect gives more solace to reader’s heart.

From Hamee India comes the complete range of notebooks to keep your personal records. A6 size notebook, planners or organizers and A6 hardback notebooks with dividers are few types available from the Hamee house. The options of colour and the variety of quotes written on the cover page of the notebooks from Hamee India will leave you asking for more and more.


Hamee India promotes writing through its tag line used for their planners and organisers.

"Always write your ideas down however silly or trivial they might seem. Keep a Planner \ Organizer with you at all times."

The main idea behind promotion is that the documented plans are very motivational. You may go through your plans any time and may organise them in better way.  Sometimes an idea strikes you at some strange place which otherwise has no connection to your workplace or concerned topic. If you could jot it down then and there it will surely materialize into action someday sooner or later.

If the cover of your planner is beautiful and motivational it could give you reason to smile without season. A planner offers joy of writing and that's what Hamee India planners specialize in. A divine aura spreads when your black and red planner is on the top of your work place.


A Hard Bound A5 Planner \ Organizer with glossy colours and Leather UV finish gives protection from spots, scratches and abrasion of colour. The handwritten contents are piece of craftsmanship so they need extra care.          

This 200 pages leather planner has many useful features - lined guides and perforated pages for easy tearing. By the help of this feature the organiser`s hard bound binding doesn’t loosen up which is normally the case when you tear some page from middle of the planners.


The cover`s material is PU leather which protects the notebook surface from scratches, spots and abrasion of colour of cover page. As many as 200 pages are in the notebook so keep writing and making the memories for future reference.

With 70 GSM, perforated pages, the notebook is super light in weight to be carried in any bag. The Non-dated pages let you write your own date as it has space provided for that specially and makes the planner never go outdated. The pages have natural shade which doesn’t interfere with writing. The ruled page sheets make the writing process more clean and well-spaced.  Uneven spacing between lines is not appealing for professionals’ at least.

The A6 notebooks from Hamee India are a thing of beauty. A Hard Bound A6 Size Notebook with glossy colours and Leather UV finish gives protection from spots, scratches and abrasion of colour. The number of pages in A6 size notebook is 160.



These notebooks are just perfect for capturing thoughts, notes, appointments, contacts. These lightweight and durable notebooks will keep you inspiring for writing more. The more you write the more you remember. These are your best companions as a great travel journal. The awesome quote outside is a guarantee for inside beauty. You are bound to get inspired and impressed by the cover quotes. The quality is great for work, home, school, personal purpose. If you in the habit of daily planning, goal setting, habit tracking and you want to save them for future purpose then Hamee India is ideal choice for you.

Different sizes of notebooks comes with different colour and quotes on it. The numbers of pages are different and hence they are differently priced too.

This “colours of achievers” dairy is from the premium collection of divider dairies.

You may keep Permanent record and important information in this Standard Diary for lasting reference. It is ideal for legal notes, research data, personal memoirs and more.


This cover is specially designed for heritage lovers of India. One day per page is strategically provided in this notebook. It provides a full page of note-taking space for each day. Telephone / address pages are included for storing contacts and addresses of your associates. Book bound, hardback diary is built for long lasting use as it prevents wear and tear of dairy. The divider notebook from hamee-india includes Health guide, Important STD code -INDIA, ISD code, Conversion Table, Reference Calendar.

So go ahead, plan your year in advance with Hamee India's fabulous notebooks and planners!