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Raksha Bandhan – A knot of love!!

The day when a unique ‘sweet – bitter’ relationship is celebrated.
A bond which can't be defined verbally but only felt.
A day of the promise made for well being and security.
Yes, it's ‘Raksha Bandhan’.

The day when brother promises his sister's security and happiness and sister ties him a bond of love.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as a knot of love tied by a sister on brother's wrist for which brother commits him the lifetime security and protection. And for that sister receives gifts. Isn't it fun for all sisters?

As the best part of the celebrations are gifts. I personally don't have any brother siblings but I tie rakhi to my cousin brothers and I get some awesome gifts from them.
The best gift for anyone is handmade gifts then why not a handmade customized gift for your beloved cute sister who deserves a whole world of love. It's her day. It's your special day. Shower all your love to her. She deserves it all.

I know all brothers are hunting and trying to get best for their sisters. Whereas, sisters are also hunting for Rakhis or making best Rakhis for their brothers. The search is now over because Hamee India is here. Hamee India will save the day. We'll take care and offer you the best gifts for your siblings.

Hamee India has a variety of products to gift and the memory will be saved forever. You can gift coffee mugs and also customize it in your choice and Hamee commits you the quality and long lasting products. Hamee is famous for its long lasting quality products. With Hamee you can gift things which are usable and will always be there with them.
The Leather Notebooks are simply awesome. The quotes are motivating and the quality is not questionable. The quotes like 'Awesome Bro' or 'sisters make the best of friends' depicts that sister is always going to be more than friends and close to heart. Happy memories will be re - created each time.

My personal fav is the leather diary with ‘World’s Best Bro’ quote on it. Though I don't have any real brother but yes I do have some cousins to whom I'm going to tie Rakhi and get Richie Richie. And anyway, I like writing and maintaining the journal, making notes, writing memories etc. So this is a very useful and prominent gift.
The bros how are fitness freak and more into workout thing, water bottles with quote 'Awesome Bro' and 'Awesome Sister' which are an appropriate one for your awesome bro and awesome sis as well. The awesome bro quote is also available in mugs and dairies too.
Do you have a big brother? And he is prone to be organized? Then the ’Big Brother’ diary perfectly suits him.

If you have a bossy sister then this ‘Be A Girl Boss’ quote absolutely suits her. The quote is used on dairy if your sister is like me who wants to carry her dairy everywhere. Or a bottle for workout freak sisters who definitely drinks ample of fluid to stay hydrated. This will surely give your sisters the feeling of true bond for her well - being. This is available on mugs too. When you are relaxing with a good book or a good company you'll have your brother's love to add to the moment.

Is your brother your buddy? Then you can totally opt for the quote 'There Is No Buddy like Brother'. This quote will make your buddy like brother feel special. Isn't it Great? I know it is.
There are multiple such products that can make your brothers and sisters feel special and the bond of love becomes more strong. The list is too long. Visit Hamee India store for more such amazing products
Do check and I'm sure you will end up adding a number of products on your chart. And yes Happy Raksha Bandhan - A bond of love to all my readers.

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-By Priyanka Parekh