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Choice is yours –Say it loud and get heard or mumble and stay unnoticed

If you are Samsung`s brand loyal then you have handful of choice Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Covers from Hamee India

The covers from the ecommerce site are must have for Samsung lover. The cover and the phone makes “ek dujae ky liyeh” pair.

The divine side of you will attain its serenity once you grab the cover itself. Not only Ganesh will be in your mind, but also he will be there with you all the time as your cover.

The beautiful Note 8 Back Cover is a master creation from house of




There are no sharp edges in the cover which could damage your pocket or your hand while holding your handset.

The perfect fit of the Note 8 hard covers allows firm grip along with the safety from scratches.



This water smog pattern on the cover of Samsung Note 8 is not only soothing but also have cooling effect on eyes. As it’s said, “what we see lasts longer as compare to what we hear”, similarly the cooling effect of cover pacify minds when you are in stress or facing any anxiety.




The Buddha symbolises enlightenment so does your choice. If you choose this note 8 cover your choice symbolises how you prioritise things in your life.


If you want to warn others from touching your handset without your permission then this skull cover it an ideal choice. As the skull symbolises danger so does your choice of cover will convey to those who will try to touch your acquisition without your permission.

If you want to say it, say it loud. That’s what stands for.


The precision of the cover will attract you and the durability of the cover will relax you. The print of the cover will not peel off, chip off or wear off as they are deeply embedded into covers. The print will last as long as your cover will.

The cover will protect your handset from damages in case it falls off.

Not only seize your day but also seize your every moment as the moment well spend is life`s assets.


If flying higher is your goal then these cover are designed only for you. They inspires you to aim for sky and fly high in life.

Precision cut-outs on this case leave all buttons, ports, speakers and microphones completely open. This case is 100% compatible with your regular charger and headphones.


This wonderful flip cover case is perfect for on-the-go use

It performs dual functions:-the card holder case features 2 card slots, a side pocket for money or additional cards, and the effective and stylish magnetic lock design secures your money and cards.


If you are environmentalist type then this is your choice. The cover offer safety and looks stylish and feels soft on palm.

The series wallet case can be switched to a horizontal position and acts as a firm stand. It is perfect for entertainment or streaming. Watching a movie or video on your phone will be easier with this cover case.


If you are true Indian at heart then English must be having special place in your mind. Flaunt it with style, grave it on your phone`s cover.


You may get your customised Note 8 cover from  in PU leather which makes it perfect gifting option to near dear ones.

Safeguard your associates and their associates with cover from


If ornaments are your style then make your cover wear them too. This way you both will be made for each other. One would be god`s best creation while the other would be your own choice from the ocean of options.

Both the kinds of covers are immaculate with so affordable the price tag that is unbelievable.

Rs299 for hard cover

And Rs399 for Samsung Note 8 PU leather cover.

- Simran Aggarwal