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Power In Your Hands

Hamee India 8000 mAh Super Power Bank

Revolution struck the chat over phone business when the mobile handsets came into use. Gone is the era of heavy and bulky devices which solely used to serve the purpose of voice chit-chat among people. This is surely the era of smart, slim and technologically updated handset devices which offer multiple uses such as that of device for voice chit chat, gaming console, mini- personal computer and much more.

This mini handset device called mobile phones has packed almost every location in your palm with its compactness and exactness. Mobile phones ease the voice talk as they can be carried to any location from any location like from washroom to meeting halls and from cinema halls to examination halls. Mobile handsets have reached and touched every sphere of today`s human life irrespective of financial status and global position.

With the help of mobile phones you may trace your exact location wherever you are. Not only this, you may also trace your loved ones location too with the help of internet and various applications which run in latest mobile phones. You may read your emails on your handset, send voice messages, read books online or offline, search for any recipe etc. Name anything you want to do and you will find your mobile will come in handy for the same, some way or the other.

This magical mobile has one very strong limitation that is it runs on battery. Once the battery of your mobile is exhausted it is of no use at all. Battery is the lifeline of handsets and to elongate this battery life you need to charge your mobile frequently. Earlier the electronic sockets on your switch boards used to do this favor of charging your mobile phones by help of a charger. But thanks to constant technological developments, this constraint of having an electric socket in close vicinity for charging the mobile phone has been eradicated to quite a large extent.

Power banks or External Battery are a bliss for mobile phone users. These power banks are compact devices which store ample of electrical energy in them when they are completely charged, such that they may charge your different mobile devices in case the mobile runs out of it. These ultra-portable power suppliers for handsets have freed a common mobile user from the limitation of staying within reach of power supply in case they want their mobile to stay in running condition.

Hamee India, which has always prioritized the comfort and style of customers, has 8000 mAh super power banks for your handsets with different stylish and elegant prints on the surface of them. Priced at only Rs.899, the high capacity mobile portable power banks may charge your handset a multiple number of times once they are fully charged.

Most of the power banks available in market don’t have indication for battery level due to which people keep on charging their power banks again and again. But power banks from Hamee India have battery level indication via four LED lights. These indications helps in confirming the charge of battery level namely 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% which ensures that you timely remove your power bank from power supply.


The power banks from Hamee India have an extra edge over the other power banks in  competition because they have dual USB ports to charge two smartphones at a time. You don’t have to wait for turns to charge your handset. Plug in the mobile power bank from Hamee India into your device`s socket and it will not run out of battery.

The security of prospective buyers is always given due importance by Hamee India. The power banks come with a unique port-level protection system that shuts down in case of over voltage, over current, over heating or short circuits. This feature helps in preventing any damage to your device. These power banks from Hamee India are certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which is a guarantee of quality check of products in itself.

Now that your world revolves around your mobile handset, and your mobile handset may die without its lover i.e. power banks, why have power banks which are print-less and hence life-less and colour-less. Smile More theme print on power bank from Hamee India is just apt for mobile lovers who can't see their mobile phones dying due to battery drainage.

Hamee India has taken the initiative of bringing in more colours for your choice by offering power banks with vivid theme prints on them. The theme of prints on the front of battery power banks range from girl power to fruit prints. You will come across om, mandala, flowers, occult owl and many more awesome prints on 8000 mAh power banks from Hamee India. Let you imagination have wings. Think of some funky or close to your heart  and Hamee India will have something to match your whims and wishes. This power bank is the best gift which you could give to someone with a pocket friendly price-tag. 

Much needed demand for peace for the world comes with peace theme print power bank from Hamee India. Live in peace and let the world have its share too.

This peacock feather print on the power bank comes from the Hamee India house exclusively for those who have an eye for colour detailing. Peacock feather has close association with Lord Krishna too.

This Rose Heart design print on this power bank From Hamee India makes an adorable and usable gift for coming Valentines day.


Cheers to all girl power – Hamee India celebrates the girl power phenomena with its awe-inspiring prints.

Grab your power bank before they run out of stock.

- Simran Aggarwal