Plastic vs. Rubber vs. Silicone Phone Cases - Which is Better?

A large variety of mobile covers are available these days in the market, made up of different textures such as plastic, rubber and silicon material to provide protection to the handset mobile devices. But which one is the best cover for the handset is a debatable issue. Different people would favor the covers which deem fit, apt and durable to them, making the term ‘best’ vague and ambiguous.


Let the Battle Begin


Those who prefer hard phone cases would prefer hard plastic or other non-flexible and strong materials like wood or polycarbonate. The hard-plastic phone covers are sturdy on the outside and are less flexible so the device may become bulky with these covers on them. Hard plastic mobile phone cases are a suitable choice for those mobile users who keep on changing the device regularly because these cases are a cheaper option of covers. A lot of variety, designs, and colors are available in these covers nowadays so that the user is attracted towards picking up these mobile phone cases. They can be customized in innumerable ways and also provide superior protection making them a sought-after choice.


Soft Mobile Cases with Different Texture but Similar Purpose


Trending these days in the marketplaces, either physical or online, are the soft mobile cases which are either made up of silicon, rubber or PU soft leather. All these kinds of mobile cases are soft, slim, silky and smooth to touch on the outside yet sturdy from the inside. These provide a cushion to the inside of the phone as well as protect it from external damage like scuffs and cracks by absorbing shock while encountering an accidental fall or drop.


The PU leather flip mobile covers are a slightly bulky type of soft mobile covers as they have the flap to cover the screen as well as running back panel to protect the bottom of the device from scratches or scrapes. Such type of covers become hard to fit in the pocket at times making the device necessary to carry in the hand.


Trending Silicon or Carbon-Fiber Cases


The transparent silicon cases or carbon-fiber materials are also trending these days but that does not give the device a distinguishing look which is lent by semi-hard / semi-soft printed mobile cases made up of polycarbonate material. Single layer TPU (transparent polyurethane) with glossy edge mobile cases designed with carbon fiber texture is also there but these are hard cases with bumpers to cover the side panel of the device. These covers are anti-shock & cushion-technology inspired to protect the device from small and accidental drops. Features in these cases are raised lips on both sides to protect the screen from scratches and the precise cutouts for the volume and the power button. These covers are also not available in various designs and prints as they bear gloss detailing and not the prints most of the time.

The soft cases are ideal usually for most of the mobile users as these shell cases provide a cushion on impact and prevent the inner part of the phones from getting damaged. Designer theme prints that range from every imaginable base are available on this kind of case.


Customized Prints on Covers


The idea behind the print’s forays into every latest genre of inspiration and imagination. Trending on various portals are prints inspired by mandala, funky quotes, god motifs, florals, animals, skeleton, and many other spheres of life.

The polycarbonate covers come with raised lips on both the sides to ensure that the screen of your high-end Smartphone doesn’t earn immediate impact on unintentional drops. This cover also protects the device from dust and debris. The soft mobile cases do not earn the scratch or scrapes easily and hence the inside of your device is protected for a longer period of time.


The precise cutouts on these covers for their ports, buttons, speakers, camera, and microphone allow easy access to the same and make the installation and removal of the cover once in a while affair. The texture of these covers is such that it enhances the firm and comfortable grip on the device. The seamless molding with no sharp edge’s accounts for every corner of the device exactly.  These slim, lightweight and sleek design covers make an ideal partner for the device with no added bulk.


Trendy Covers at Affordable Prices


Our mobile covers are not only quite pocket-friendly and economical but also provide the device with overall protection from damage, enhancing its unique look to be flaunted in the peer group. The economic factor of these cases makes them an ideal gifting option at the personal and the corporate level. The brands can get their company logos printed at the back of covers and gift them as a token of thanks to their associates.


At the personal level, one may place a prepaid order for these cases online and can send them to their beloved to surprise them and win accolades. Also, various offers and discounts are floated on these cases and covers so that the buyers can maximize their profits and make the desired collection of covers for their handset to suit their changing mindset and mood.