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OnePlus 5 : A Game Changer Smartphone

OnePlus 5

The Chinese startup has now come up with Oneplus 5th generation smartphone. This phone is launched directed after 3T reasons being Chinese people are superstitious about number 4. The new phone is Oneplus 5 which is the most expensive phone compared to other Oneplus phones.

People waited for this phone and finally, it’s out now. The specs were known but that doesn't stop our excitement right. The company claims to offer flagship specification at an affordable price.

The pros of Oneplus 5 are:

- The features are quite handy to use.

- Phenomenal Performance.

- The Dash Charger is fast and works well.

- The camera it has is commendable.

- The appearance and feel are jaw dropping.

- The device light and comfort – friendly.

The cons of Oneplus 5 are:

- Low sunlight readability.

- It’s expensive than previous devices.

- There is no micro SD support.


This is just a short glance to pros and cons. So now let’s see in detail what features, functions and performance it has for us and this price.



The body is made of aluminum which has a dual camera on the back. The ‘Do Not Disturb Button’ is located on the left edge. Besides this, you have volume buttons and the power button is on another side. There is headset jack on the bottom with dash charge and also a fingerprint scanner in the centre. This phone looks amazing in hand and some of its design is a replica of iPhone.

Screen & Price:

The screen is Gorilla Glass with 5.5inch fits the hand and can also operate with the single hand. The device has AMOLED screen and like iPhone, it has dual-camera too which gives a great competition to iPhone 7 & 7plus without compromising on look and feel of the phone. I guess this will disappoint some iPhone fans however Oneplus 5 with a range of Rs. 32,999 for 6GB RAM + 64GB memory and 8GB RAM + 128GB memory for Rs. 37,999 is not at all a bad deal with look and feel of iPhone and phenomenal features.


The graphic performance of the gadget is Excel as the graphical performance is more than 25% offered by Adreno 540 GPU. One plus 5 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and also unveils Octa-core processor with maximum 2.45 GHz clock speed. The on-screen of One plus 5 performs similarly to iPhone 7 plus. The screen resolution of Oneplus 5 is 1920x1080.


OnePlus 5 uses Android 7.1.1 Nougat which is a good deal at this price. The phone is filled up with plenty of features and apps. One plus 5 has an inbuilt app locker and file vault to hide the data. OnePlus 5 also has this amazing feature of monthly security updates for protection.



As Battery Capacity is the most important aspect of a buying a phone, Oneplus 5 doesn't disappoint you. The battery life of the device is great and the charging speed is also commendable all credit goes to Dash Charge. The battery is 3300mAh non-removable battery.

Now use your Oneplus 5 phone without any worries regarding battery low. OnePlus 5 has 1240 mins battery life.


The device has a dual camera at the backside. One is 16 megapixels and 20 megapixels with f/1.7 and f/2.6 telephone camera respectively which is situated on right side. Photographers will be happy by the camera features at this price. You can click Bokeh by blurring the background the result is like iPhone 7 plus. The pictures are clicked amazingly. The 20-megapixel camera uses 2X zoom to get closer object image from distance. Whereas, 16 megapixel works like iPhone 7 plus.

Low light pictures are a bit over-sharpening. In spite, the click results are of good quality. The 16-megapixel front camera with f/2.0 aperture is your correct buddy to click a great picture to flaunt.


One plus 5 has no. of sensors such as Gyroscope, Ambient light, Fingerprint Sensor and also Accelerometer. It doesn’t have IR remote sensor.


So Overall, OnePlus 5 is surely a game changer smartphone which is now available to purchase. 

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 -By Priyanka Parekh