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Moto X4 - A Class Apart

Previously discontinued, the Moto X line has been continued with the launch of Moto X4, an Android smartphone from Motorola Mobility, a division of Lenovo. It’s the only non-Google device (other than Google Nexus or Pixel) which is available. The 5.20” touch screen display device was launched in November 2017.

The handset runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 3 GB Ram and 32 GB storage and 4 GB RAM with 64 GB storage. The device supports MicroSD card up to 2 TB.

The device is a pioneer in many ways namely it’s the first device made by Motorola to feature a Glass-covered full metal body with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The 12 MP and 8 MP dual rear camera of the device offer depth effects, selective focus and black and white and background replacement features. The 16 MP front facing camera comes with LED flash. The 4 MP night mode is there for low light levels.

Moto X4 has Android Nougat version 7.1 which is upgradable to Android Oreo when it will hit the markets which is probably by end of 2017. The device has voice assistant in addition to standard Google Assistant namely Amazon's Alexa and Motorola’s own Moto Voice. With 3000 mAh non removable battery, the device's range starts at Rs.18999 in the Indian market.

Moto X4 as a new mid-range smartphone, has USB Type- C port and the headphones socket but no speaker grille as the earpiece of the device serves the purpose of loudspeaker too.

The oleo phobic coating keeps the screen smudge proof whole day. The finger print sensor has been placed in the home button and works well for authentication. The gesture control feature of the device enables going back, locking the screen, opening the app switcher, etc.

The water resistant, Moto X4, works well on 4G and also supports VOLTE. The device has Wireless Sound System which lets you connect up to four Bluetooth devices at the same time. The devices could be a mix of speakers or headsets, each of whose volume could be adjusted individually through phone.

The display response of the device is very good for viewing video content. The ‘Talk to me’ feature in Moto Voice announces incoming calls and texts when the headset is connected. The voice command alone could answer or reject the call.

The Moto X4 has a feature called Smart camera which tries to identify an object or landmark in the viewfinder. By tapping an icon in the viewfinder which pops up, the application captures a temporary snapshot of the object or place in focus and tries to identify it.

Moto's Turbo-power feature enables fast charging. A Night Display feature is a blue light filter which could be scheduled to start in for a particular time period. Moto Voice lets you launch apps and check calendar appointments by using the phrase ‘Show me’. The ‘Voice Security’ feature detects the voice of the owner and allows commands even when the phone is locked.

Hamee India and Moto X4 - Features Packed

Just as Moto X4 comes as a device which is packed with features, similarly Hamee India delivers products such as hard case covers for your devices which come with many premium features.

The prints on products from Hamee India don’t wear off or chip off or fade away as the printing technology behind the covers embeds the print into the covers.

The Moto X4 covers from Hamee India have precise cuts for camera, speakers, microphones and ports so that you will be free from hassle of removing and putting them on and off regularly. The cuts on the covers leave all the phone buttons completely open and easily accessible.

Each Moto X4 case is fully compatible with your regular charger and headphones so you don’t have to worry about the phone heating up.

The peculiar benefit which Hamee India offers to its customers is the customization facility. You may leave a note while placing the order. The printing technology of Hamee India results in high resolution designs and you may get designs printed according to your preferences for some extra cost.

The covers from Hamee India offer complete protection to the device as the material of the hard case covers is poly-carbonate. These covers offer complete insurance solution to the phone, from the prospect of scratches and drops. The raised lips on the sides offer screen protection too. The covers from Hamee India have been seamlessly and precision moulded so that they do not damage the palm or the pocket in which they are kept.

Hamee India has special designer print cases with unique and high quality printing on the surface for Moto X4. This floral print hard cover for Moto X4 is a beautifully crafted piece.

For the dog lovers the pug print hard case cover from Hamee India for Moto X4 is a gift for their pet love. Showcase your love and adore your pet even more, Hamee India joins the animal love mission via their covers.

For Buddha followers, there are many options from Hamee India to console your meditational aspect too. 

Do I need to showcase anymore? Just think of it and you may get it here! This is a perfect choice for those seeking divine blessings from Buddha. The meditating Buddha print needs no words of exaggeration.

Hamee India also promotes girl power in the form of funky covers with quotes and images aimed at those girls who like to be their own boss!


This multi-colored tribal print hard case cover is from house of Hamee India for Moto X4. The colors of this case are so eye catching that you can’t escape being attracted towards it.


A deer print hard case cover from Hamee India symbolizes mirages as the deer has been associated with mirages and desires since Ramayana age. Also the deer stands for its beauty and so does the deer printed cover.



The fabulous covers at Hamee India are available at a special price for a limited time only. So go ahead and pamper your device with a pick from their collection!

- Simran Aggarwal