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Mandalas are complex abstract designs that are usually circular in shape.

Just as a circle is a complete balance figure in itself. The distance of centre is same to any point taken on the circumference. Similarly mandala also represents wholeness. The abstract design in mandala could be viewed from any angle and side; they never defy their true pattern.

Carma(karma) Connection

The roots of mandala association with religion can be traced back in Hinduism and Buddhism. It means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. In its spiritual connections, mandalas are used to facilitate meditation as they are used as tools to assist healing. Mandalas appear in many cultures throughout the world but there shape may differ in different cultures. But one fact is universally accepted regarding mandalas, that it is scared images which display deep spiritual connection between mind and soul.

Mandala`s soul supper

Mandalas depict proportional balance between cosmology and soul. The centre is the universe and the souls are the abstract forms revolving around the centre. This centre exercise gravitational pull on everything which revolves around them. Similarly the patterns of mandala are manifestations of the power of the core image. They symbolises that however far the soul may disperse from deity, they have to emerge into it sooner or later. Mandala images aims to bring in enlightens to the soul of believer.

Mandala Designs in Hamee India rings the bell

If you are firm believer of mandala`s connection with divine powers and enlightenment then supplies every reason to connect you with itself.

Be a sport but spoiled for choices

If mandala art attract you then it should rein all your possible choices. Start with your choice of phone covers.

As smartphones are latest fad they need to flash your mind set and attitude.

One on one offer

This flip cover wallet case is precisely made from premium PU leather. These cases are selected for quality, strength, character and grain. They look stylish and feel naturally soft. The mandala print on them is add-on on the durability it offers. The serenity the cover offer comes free of cost. Just pay for cover the solace teams up for free.

The covers provide Full protection to your favourite acquisition.

Precise cut-outs for speakers, earpiece, camera and other functional ports allow access to all ports and functions easily, without removing the case.

The Classic Vintage looks of this cover with excellent stitches and handmade details are eye catcher for everyone and anyone. The quality of PU leather makes sure this case lasts longer than you can ever expect.


This wonderful flip cover case is perfect for on-the-go use; the card holder case features 2 card slots, a side pocket for money or additional cards. The effective and stylish magnetic lock design secures your money and cards.

You buy the cover the locker facility comes following it.

Only you and Hamee

A Mandala Coaster are available at the price simply unbelievable. Try it to believe it.

Yup you read it right @Rs 449.

The series wallet case can be switched to a horizontal position and acts as a firm stand easing you from worries to buy any other stand for your handset. It`s perfect for entertainment or streaming. Watching a movie or video on your phone will be easier with this cover case.

Double role

The specially crafted pieces plays double role of stand and phone cover. Could you ask for more? Hamee-india knows you well so they crafted master pieces to solve your issues with your phone.

Special designer back cover for your phones with unique and high quality printing on the surface with mandala motifs are much awaited accessory. The cover is a must to grab. Not miss it or you will be missing it.

Safety optimised

Thin, light & durable polycarbonate case protects your handsets from scratches and drops. The raised lip on the case sides offers screen protection. The case is seamlessly moulded with no sharp edges to hurt your palm.

This case is available in many amazing designs.

It offers comfort and easy to use with excellent grip. So you don’t have to give up sweating in gym which covers.

Match making with colour prefernces

Please leave a note while placing the order. Our Printing technology results in high resolution designs that get permanently embedded into the case, ensuring no peeling, chipping or wearing off, ever!

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Two master crafts complied in one

www.hamee-india offers you the combination of two master pieces. These are neighbours’ envy and owners’ pride.

Taj at centre of mandala makes the positivity of love folded manifold.

The multicolour print is full of life so is power of mandala. Many facet but single goal will zero your choice on www.hamee-india

Counting is yet not over

www.hamee-india has lot more in its kitty of covers. Besides handset covers, MacBook cover are here to protect your investment in technology.

The two piece hard plastic MacBook Cover comes with Premium Silky-smooth soft-touch for the Top and Bottom Covers.

Mandala MacBook cover case is thin And Light Design Ensures Your MacBook Stays Light on its Feet. It protects your MacBook against Scratches and Scuffs.

The covers prevent your MacBook from dust and damage. They are Shock absorbent and shatterproof. Every Corner is accounted with a precise fit seamless compatibility for perfect fitting.

Simple Clip On / Off Design without the added Risk of Harming your Laptop during Application makes it the top most reason for your hands on it.

- Simran Aggarwal