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Are you traveling all around? But laptops generally volumize with its adapters and different accessories but there is a way to minimize this bulk just replace it with the tablets which give you flexible battery life and compact enough to fit in a backpack.

Amazon Kindle brings you the excellent experience of reading a book in spite of device not connected to the computer. This device gives you the pleasure of reading content without any stress to your eyes. Kindle is best while you’re traveling or on a business trips for reading news, books, magazines etc. Kindle is a convenient device to read content. If you’re a person with a blend of being an old school plus a techno freak, Amazon Kindle will satisfy you’re this wish too. Amazon Kindle has a variety of devices and I have jotted down some of the devices for you’ll my friends.



This device has this cool benefit or advantage that it has Amazon’s E-ink technology to create 16 level grayscale images so that when exposed to direct sunlight it doesn’t glare. This device is Wi-Fi only so you always need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download and surf the internet. This device is stupendous due to its battery life. It has 1-month battery life if the wireless is off and the battery lasts 3 weeks if the wireless in on. It has a capacity of 1.25 GB to store which can store up to 1,400 books. This device offers you with 5-way controller and a 2-page button to aid your document or any book.  But this Kindle device doesn’t have audio support.

Kindle Touch:

This device offers you to tap and swipe your book or document smoothly. This device has a commendable battery life of 2 months if the wireless is turned off. The usable storage capacity is 3 GB. Kindle touch device has 6 – inch E-ink screen.

Kindle Keyboard:

Kindle Keyboard has 6 – inch E-ink screen but it’s not screen touch. It has QWERTY keypad for input and also has 2 side buttons to enhance the experience while you’re reading any book or document. It has a 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi variants.

Kindle DX:

Kindle DX has 9.7 inch E-ink display along with better contrast display. The device is not facilitated with touch screen whereas it has QWERTY keyboard with worth using page turning buttons and a 5-way controller. The capacity to store is 3.3 GB with a battery life of 2/3 weeks if wireless is kept off.

Kindle Fire:

The device works on new Google’s Android system which offers you to download and work on a number of applications just like you work on a normal tablet. You can also browse through Amazon’s Silk Browser application and can also download playback multi media content. It has the battery life of 8 hours while in use. The model only comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. The storage capacity is 6 GB with 7 – inch touch display fully colored.


-By Priyanka Parekh