Keep Your Bank Documents Safe with new Cheque Book Holders

The company is bringing in new products for its many categories and the newest on the block is the leather Cheque Book Holders which are a great boon to the people who love to keep their bank documents organised at a single place. The company had earlier brought in new collections of tote bags, PU canvas zip wallets, and passport travel wallets, silicon airpod cases to name a few in the lifestyle category. These cheque book cases can be used as a travel companion for people who like to keep their important cards and documents at hand.


The leather cheque book holders available on Hamee India are in one colour only i.e. Blue which gives a very low-key look but fulfils the purpose as they are not used for any other purpose than keeping your cheque books or cards and any other document. But surely you can get them printed with a print of your choice if you want to add a bit of quirk to your product when you’re holding it. These cases have a number of slots for keeping your cards, cheque books and other official documents, are easily foldable and have three slots for keeping your credit cards. Even the loose cheques or money can be kept in the transparent flap provided which helps to avoid losing them.


Resolve the Issue of Keeping Your Cheque safe


The cheque book holders are sleek yet provide the space and look for the purpose they are made for, even though it’s a digital age and banks have turned fully digital providing their services without any glitch still there are many people who like to visit bank for all their purposes and get the work done in front of them as they are not digitally inclined. There are numerous designs from which anyone can choose from to add a tinge of personalization on their product and many design patterns and quotes are available to get them printed on the leather cheque book holders.


These cheque book holders are made from high quality PU leather and also have space for keeping your pen which is also as important for use in a bank as anything else. These cases have plenty of space to store cash and other important notes. The colour available with Hamee India is in blue matte finish which looks aesthetic. These multi- purpose holders are perfectly ideal for today’s hectic schedule and are easy to carry around and fit easily in handbags, briefcases and purses.


These leather cheque book holders can be a perfect gift for the people who like to keep everything sorted and can also be used as a business gift for any of your clients or employees. It is the perfect gift for any men and women especially if they are the ones who like to handle every work in their bank very smoothly and without any glitch. Buy from the collection of designs available with us or you can even opt for a plain one and you can use it with ease. Also enjoy the advantage of discounts from the coupon codes available with us.