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 It’s said a ‘picture speaks thousand words’ and a tag line is catchphrase. If both tag line and picture are catchy enough they make the entire object a thing of beauty which is joy for ever. If a note book has a catchy tagline it gives inspiration to the holder. And if the products used for making the piece of beauty are eco – friendly, the beauty increases many fold.

Notebooks are integral part of any educated person’s life be it student, business man, labourer or a house wife. Since time immemorial, written text has been essence of human existence. It`s through written records of yesterdays that knowledge has changed its hands from generation to generation. However, with changing scenarios more and more of e-notebooks are emerging but the human written text will never cease to lose its charm.

Kindle`s e-book, Samsung notes, s memo etc. are few gifts of technology but would a life without hand written text is even imaginable. Certainly the answer is no. Rapidly decreasing numbers of trees have forced us to curtail down the usage of paper. Deforestation to accommodate the modern day lifestyle has called upon paper making industries.

“Where there is a will there is a way”

The quote suits well for those companies which have stepped further, leaving the ages old methods of producing paper. Witty brains behind these companies have come to rescue of dwindling tree fibre to make paper. They have started making recycled notebooks.

Why Hamee?

One such company to lead is, Hamee, which has forayed into the online business of selling recycled notebooks. The notebooks are pieces of art as the tag line used on the cover of notebooks, organiser/planner are excellent.

The quality of paper used is remarkable and user friendly. The ink doesn’t spills while writing. Owning such notebooks give the feel of contribution in personal capacity “save environment drive by saving trees from getting cut down.”


These eco-friendly notebooks are reasonably priced too and one doesn’t have to roam about from store to store to get them. Via Hamee one can order them online and get the delivery done at their door steps. Customised covers are icing on the cake. Each one has eye catching slogan which brings to lights the owner`s mood and the mind-set. It’s said creativity is in-born and Hamee has proved it by its various products. Recyclable notebooks are one of the best products from Hamee`s range of number of other products ranging from electronics, covers, gadgets etc. to name a few. Different themes on cover page could easily make up someone`s style statement.

Go and get hold of your copy before it’s too late.



 - Simran