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Is Face ID Worth for iPhone X ?

iPhone X - Face The Future

After much anticipation, Apple finally launched the iPhone X in November 2017. The company claims that it is the future of the smartphone and will change the way people use their devices. But for most people, the iPhone X isn’t just some new technology, it’s an upgrade that will likely cost them more than any smartphone has before. The basic level iPhone X with 64GB of storage costs $999. 

What's in store

Apple has stepped away from its usual designs and has come up with something that will stand apart. The most striking feature of this model is the camera orientation which actually makes in stand out amidst so many similar phones. The iPhone X has a much slimmer border around its 5.8-inch display but is actually smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus. It’s also the first phone Apple has released that includes an OLED screen instead of an LCD display, which means it offers richer colors and better contrast.

After removing the headphone jack last year, Apple has removed yet another staple that’s played a huge role in how we interact with our smartphones: the home button. Instead, the phone has a helpful digital bar across the bottom of the display to help with many functions.Regardless of its smaller size, the iPhone X also has a higher capacity battery than other models.

Face Revolution

While most phones still have the password unlocking system or the fingerprint sensor, Apple has gone a step ahead by introducing a new feature. With the facial recognition feature, Apple is offering what it says is a more secure and seamless way to unlock your phone. The top of the phone includes sensors along with an infrared camera, dot projector, and proximity sensor, among other components. These sensors make it possible for the iPhone X to recognize your face so that you can unlock the phone or authenticate Apple Pay purchases just by looking at the device.

Face ID is faster and more reliable than the old home button’s Touch ID fingerprint reader. It doesn’t malfunction if your fingertips are wet or cracked and it is next to impossible for someone else to unlock your phone. Although it aims to simplify the way we use our phones, it does have its drawbacks. You obviously can’t unlock your phone without looking at it! It may fail, though very rarely, but not more than TouchID misses your fingerprint. It works if you cover part of my face, or try it in complete darkness. But it won't work through sunglasses or when your eyes are covered or closed, or in particularly bright sunlight.

Though this feature is known for easily unlocking the phone, there are many other nifty things that can be done with this. You can protect certain apps or try to pay for things in a  secure and simple manner.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone that genuinely feels new and different. Although it has a very high price point, it makes for a good investment if you want a refreshing new experience. The phone is available online and also offline with many big retailers. And you don't even have to worry about finding good accessories for it because Hamee India will take care of that for you! You can invest in sturdy iPhone X cases which will snap onto your device with ease. iPhone X covers with leather finish will surely give a classy look to your valuable device!