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Yoga Day

Checklist: yoga mat, water bottle, a cotton napkin, comfortable clothes, spare pair of clothes, yoga snacks, water bottle and a fresh open mind. Be prepared with all these things this yoga day – the life enhancement day.

What is yoga?

Yoga. Is it just an exercise? An ideology, a religion or a philosophy? Yoga literal meaning is ‘union’. Union of your spirit, mind, and body.  Yoga is considered as an exercise as it aids you in making body flexible and your mind calm. It is also considered as an ideology because it’s a path to connect with your own self. It is a religion as yoga and Hinduism are connected since a long time. Yoga was created in India. Hence it is a misconception that yoga is a religion of Hindu.

Yoga is all about peaceful spirit, increased memory and high on energy. It also helps you to come ‘in mood’. Oh isn’t it exciting? So let’s find out.

Look forever young:

Yoga can make you look young and beautiful. It is researched that yoga helps in curing heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, depression etc. it also makes your skin look healthier and youthful. Yoga is the answer to your health overall.

It's game of nostrils:

As we all know that we have two nostrils and both are dominate when we breathe and each dominance is changed after 20 minutes. When your left nostril is open it is considered that you are at ease and relaxing. Whereas when right nostril is open you are inclined to be aroused, fired up, excited and energetic. You can use various breathing techniques to synchronize left and right nostril which aids you in balancing your nervous system.

Key to live longer:

This one is damn important. Yoga makes your lungs expand through deep-belly exercise which in turn helps you in lowering your resting heart rate. Few sweat drops and your heart will thank you for this.

Spice up your life:

Research says that yoga helps in improving the life and might even prevent and treat problems by the healthy cardiovascular system. It helps in improving orgasms by strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Your partner will love you this.

Do it now!!

Yes, my friends, yoga are said that it encourages acceptance and love for your body and helps in building intimate bonds with other people too. I must say people are jumping in this and enjoying like a child. This can be reason for attending yoga maybe ;)

Yoga is considered to bring balance and stability in your life. You feel fresh from within and a positive perceptive is been implemented in life. So what you are waiting for? Set yourself to get ready for yoga this yoga day and not just a day but let’s start it as a routine.

Bring change in your life. Life will thank you!! Signing off for a yoga session. Have a healthy yoga.

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-By Priyanka Parekh