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How to Choose Your Perfect 2019 Diary?

Choosing the right diary for the year involves looking into various aspects such its design, material, size, in-built pockets, number of pages etc. As the requirement of different people varies in respect to choosing the right diaries for themselves and their loved ones, there can’t be any set standards to choose the best diary. One with the preference for the personalized cover page of the diary would like to go for the customized diaries which means incurring a little extra cost for the same whereas the people who like to choose from the available prints on the cover page of the 2019 diary planner can choose the ones available online or in the offline markets.


Why switch over to online options for diaries?


Searching the options on the web portal of e-commerce sites selling diaries online is a much more convenient method of getting the best 2019 diary planner rather than searching the offline market for the same as the options are limited there. Scroll through the pages of the well-known sites dealing in stationery items and you would be mesmerized with the options available color-wise and print-wise on the cover page of the 2019 diaries. Not only is the option available in the colours, but vivid kinds of leather diaries are available such as ring binder refillable diaries, travel journals, pocket diaries, and book-bound hardback diaries.


Here are some guidelines to choose the perfect 2019 diary online


  • If you like something traditional then you can opt for available prints but if making a fashion statement is your calling and you like your products personalized, then you can get the diaries printed with your brand logo or your personal initials.


  • Durability and functionality also determine the 2019 diary planner to be chosen online. You may choose leather cover diary that comes with the bookbinding and hardback so that they can last longer. The glossy and UV finish of the cover page keeps the abrasion of color, spots, and scratches at bay.


  • Ring binder refillable leather 2019 A5 size diary is the best option if you like your diary with the ease of opening, closing, folding it back or open to a single page as these diaries can open completely flat and renders flexibility to insert and remove pages easily.


  • If you are Mother Nature-friendly you can opt for the diaries or notebooks made up of recycled material.


  • The size of the diaries matters the most as people tend to choose those that suit their requirements of storing. Small pocket diaries come handy if you are the one who likes to keep their record keeper with them on the move. A slim-line diary is for those who do not like to carry bulky stationery in their pockets.


  • The most ideal are A5 size diaries that can be slipped easily in bags, have ample space to be used at the professional or the personal level. These can be used for keeping the records of appointments, tracking habits, making a to-do list, research data, personal memoirs etc.


  • The number of sheets in the diaries is also an important factor to influence the mind of a buyer as bulky diaries don’t appeal much. Dated or non-dated ruled sheets with one or two pages per day provide ample space for taking down the notes for each day.


  • Diaries with address/telephone pages included for storing the contacts details are also preferred as there you can maintain the details of your important contacts without any fear of data loss. The electronic gizmos like mobile phones or tablets always fear the loss of data at any time due to virus attack or inappropriate handling of the device. This is never the case with these diaries where records are stored forever written manually.


  • The diaries including pages for the personal memorandum, conversion tables, world time chart, list of holidays, STD code, health guide etc. for the quick reference are preferred as these little extras come handy when you are away from your Google assistant.


  • If you are on a travelling spree, travel journals come really handy for keeping the records of your visit. The vintage style travel journals with the leather cover of UV finish, two ruled craft notebooks attached in them that can be removed and replaced easily once they get filled up are an ideal choice for itinerants. These journals have pockets to hold important cards, small knick-knacks, some important paper bits, and loose sheets. The elastic band attached with the metallic closure ensures the security of the contents. Designed to slip into any bag, these leather journal diaries are very good for writing, drawing, collecting stamps or doodling while you are on move.


  • A6 size pocket diary with around 160 to 200 pages is very useful to organize your tasks, ideas, thoughts, taking down the notes, appointments etc.


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