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Hamee Introduces a New Collection of Pencil Wrap Cases

What is an artist without all the requirements of stationery which are used for creating new ideas? Just like that, what is the need to worry when an artist can get a single product that solves all the problems of keeping all your pencils, brushes, markers, erasers and all types of stationery required. Hamee India is here to solve all your problems of managing to keep your pens, pencils and other stationery items in a single pouch without even losing them as the wrap-up pencil case keeps all these aligned and easily manageable at a single place.


These wrap around pencil cases are not like the usual pouches available in the market from which you need to spill the whole pouch items out to find your required item which becomes a tedious and irritating task as well. These cases are a boon to those who are always in a hurry to work and don’t like to waste their time. These wrap up pencil cases are not like the usual pouches where you have to pile up all the items, rather, in these cases, you get single straps in which you can place your pencils, brushes one at a time and there is space for keeping your erasers and sharpeners if you like. These cases are a great element to be added to manage your stationery items easily and without any compromise of losing them at all.


This canvas wrap pencil cases are foldable and do not take any huge space in your backpack rather they are a great reserve to keep all your stationery items together and all at the same place easily. The material with which these pencil wraps are made is canvas which is available in five very quirky yet sober prints and all these are easily washable even if you get stains from your paint brushes, pencils or pens. There are double straps for keeping the contents safe and refrain from losing them. The prints are so pretty and do not fade away easily with time.


If the canvas prints are not the one you are looking for to store your stationery then you can either opt for the plain black canvas pencil wrap case which gives a plain yet very sober and authentic look. These are the same as the printed canvas pencil cases and the inside of the cases have strong elastic strip to securely hold your brushes, pencils, and pens which can hold up to 24 pencils or pens or brushes whatever you want to carry in them. These canvas pencil roll case can easily fit in your bag and do not hold any extra space in your backpack at all.


And even if the plain black cases do not appeal to you then you can surely go for the leather pencil wrap cases which are made from sturdy and durable PU leather material which will not be worn out easily due to regular usage. There is an embossed design on the front and inside these leather wrap cases which look classy and look really pleasing to the eyes and definitely gives an artistic feel to the pencil wrap case. These leather cases have three pockets on the inside for storing stationery and also have a flap closing so that you do not lose on your important stationery at any cost. Also, the leather strap has a metallic charm as a decoration in these tan browns wrap up pencil cases.


There are a variety of options available with Hamee India in the canvas as well as leather so the people who want a stress free handling of their stationery they can surely choose from the options available with us online at minimal prices and which are durable as well. These wrap around pencil cases can surely be used for providing your stationery a perfectly secure place.