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Friendship Day GiftsFriendship day

"I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light." – Helen Keller

‘’As your best friend, I'll always pick you up when you fall, after I finish laughing’’.

The day when you celebrate the relationship of togetherness like soul bros or soul sisters but from another mother. The day to celebrate your friendship, bond, and affection.
So Friendship's Day is around the corner and I know all are planning something special for your best friend.
There is a fact that friendship which lasts more than 7 years is considered as forever friendship. Childhood friendships are considered as the purest and trust - worthy friendships. Friendship is all about memories, writing names on each other t-shirt, bands, rings and what not.
The bond of friends is very deep and eternal. They were your friends when you didn't even know the meaning of success.
A friend is always a partner in crime from punishments to pranking someone or even giving a surprise to your crush.

A friend who is selfless, who shares all secrets, where you don't fear to be judged unlike others do. You were always entertained even in most boring lectures ever.
The childhood friends, school friends, college friends have all made our life a bit easy, more joyful and help us make memories that are forever cherished and treasured. You always meet each other and each time it ended up in laughathon.
You might be wondering why am I suddenly talking about friends, bond, Friendships because now it's time to make them feel special and offer gratitude and make them a bit emotional because when friends get emotional they look kinda cute.

So this time I was browsing through The Web and I came across Hamee India, who has pretty awesome stuff to serve my purpose to make my friends special.

Hamee has ample of products which will make you choose multiple products and its worth buying for friends who are always there for you to make you laugh in all your sorrows.
So don’t you think you should gift something special to the person who has selflessly been there for you?

So write down all the memories and activities in this Diary with different quotes such as ‘Besties forever’ or ‘BFF’ or my favorite ‘Friends are chosen family’ & much more.
There is a huge range of diaries with comfy feel, good quotes, images, colors, and prints

A mug with good friendship quote or the print as well as a good company of friend which makes great time unforgettable and moments cherishable.
Quotes such as life is better with friends, BFF, Best friends, best friends forever with different prints and colors will steal your heart and make you fall in love for the products

There are tablet cases which will secure your tablets and also have great quotes and images about friendship to remember your friends each time you use the case. You can also gift water bottles which are trendy, cool, and handy and help them in being hydrated. These bottles have cool colors, prints are quirky and funny, images are attractive and quotes are simply stupendous to read.

Gift this astonishing stuff to your friends and share a cute, happy moment with friends and remember each time you use it.

The best part Hamee has is all the products are useful and quality is magnificent.

Try Hamee, gift Hamee and you’ll thank me later. #Recherishthebond with Hamee India.

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-By Priyanka Parekh