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Travel Junkies

Are you a travel freak? Is organizing a task for you while traveling?

Then trust me these Hamee India's exclusive travel products are your solution.

There’s more inside

Leather Planner and Organizer

Whatever technologies comes and goes, writing is the best thing anyone can do to secure the data. Making notes or writing down memories or some important stuff can help you maintain the information in – tacked. There are ample of choice for dairies. The quotes that explore your persona. The designs which inspire you. The touch will make you fall for it whenever you hold it. Hamee India's Leather Planner And Organizer will suit your personality and also enhance your personality. Now flaunting your attitude and choices is easy with Hamee India's Collection which comes in 4 different colors.


A standing friend

Tripod Stand for Camera

I know traveling means lots of photos and clicks. But at times it becomes difficult to capture few photos.  But I also know that Hamee Tripod Stand for camera will be your friend indeed. This tripod is easy and quite handy. You can also use this tripod with your mobile phones and also DSLRs. You also adjust the height of the tripod and move the camera at any angle with no jerks. It is compact enough which will easily slide into your bag.

Capture every move

Waterproof Action Camera

Want to capture your adventurous experience? Are you a sporty or taking risk any time person? And you all want to cherish it later? Then this Hamee Waterproof Action Camera will help you capture every single move and help you cherish and also flaunt your bravery. Action camera is waterproof, so you can use it even in water sports like diving or underwater. You can also use this while cycling, paragliding, river rafting or surfing.

It’s Combo

Speaker with Inbuilt Torch

It is always advisable to carry a torch while traveling. This Hamee Torch Speaker has a powerful flashlight and has 3000 mAh power bank which doesn’t fall out of battery power.  Worth buying this torch right? Ooh. So you thinking what’s there to buy this torch right? This Hamee Torch not only facilities you with the flashlight and incredible battery life but also facilities you to move on the beats. Wondering? Yes, this torch is not only a torch but also comes with the combination of speakers. This Hamee torch speaker will make some extra space in your bag. Now groove on the beats of music while making a disco ambiance anywhere and anytime.

Get some power

Printed powerbank

Traveling means using smartphones multiple times and then charging. But it’s a task to hunt a socket while traveling or by chance, you even happen to find it, you can’t be sure that it would be vacant. And anyways it is always advisable to avoid using foreign charges. So Hamee has come up with its power bank product category which offers you 3 USB ports, 4 LED lights that indicate the level of the battery charged. This is not yet finished. There is yet more but I’m sure the best one. It shuts down if there is over voltage or overheating or short circuits to protect your device from any harm. There are multiple kinds of power banks such as 5000, 8000, 10000, 20000 mAh etc. with different kind of prints such as Captain American, Hulk, Iron man & a lot more which makes your charging stylish and cool.  Hamee Powerbank can also be used as a torch.

- By Priyanka Parekh