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Now Drink Water in a Healthy Way!!

Memo Water Bottles

You might have heard that drinking-The basic advice anyone would get for being healthy, the basic necessarily to live a healthy life. Either you are on a crash diet or with some internal body issue drinking plenty of water is always recommended.

Whatever your routine is drinking 3- 4 liters of water a day will keep you moving. Consult any dietician in the world, follow any miracle diet but no doctor can miss out on telling ‘Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated’. Water has always been a magical liquid to mankind.

You can forget anything in this world but can’t miss out on carrying a bottle of water, especially in this scorching summer!! It is always advisable that water is the healthiest habit one can have, right? Water bottles are like our buddies right? But are you aware of what happens when the water is stored in that plastic bottle? In spite of you cleaning it well, it can harm you though!!


It is said that storing water in plastic bottles leads plastic to ‘leach’. Leaching means some chemicals of plastic mixing with water which contaminates the water. A chemical known as BPA or Bisphenol A is said to be carcinogenic by nature with means it has some harmful effects on human beings and can also cause cancer.


Using plastic bottles repeatedly can cause leaching of the bottle. It has the capacity to disrupt the hormonal balance of the human body.

But I think being old-school always works. Try using brass or copper pots, glass pitchers or earthen pots or even you can use steel utensils.

Ya ya, I know this can’t be carried along.

So my personal fav is HAMEE’s new Printed Memo Water bottles which not only keeps me hydrated but also healthy. The bottles will always motivate you to work an inch extra and help you to get that perfect body shape or get in that beautiful black dress which you were dreaming of.


-BY Priyanka Parekh