What is the Difference Between A Diary & A Journal?

The diary and journal are two words which are being used synonymously nowadays by commoners. But actually, these two have quite a deal of difference among them which can be easily understood in the context of reading poetry and reading the newspaper. While the former is reading a newspaper, the latter is enjoying reading the poetry where the beauty of thoughts is the primary aspect of expression.


Generalizing the Journal


Journal writing and reading is like composing & reading poetry which is a mixed bag of emotions, motivation or feelings towards something or someone. It may contain sketches, drawings or/and the descriptive text beautifully composed and expressed. At times such writing skills are learned via tutorials specially meant to teach the same. Journal writing can be started with compiling your favorite photos, sketches, poems, articles and even your thoughts that have been through your mind. Writing a journal need not be a daily task and you can compile a journal whenever you come across something worth mentioning and maintaining a record about. It provides an insight into the life and the thoughts of the person who is composing it.

Travel Journal for Travelers Records


A beautifully designed journal can be a travel journal which is a ruled sheets craft notebook that can be replaced once the earlier is filled. Besides this, there can be pockets in it to hold a debit card, credit card, ATM, or/and ID cards etc., and a zip pouch to store knick-knacks along with a small pocket for important papers and lose sheets. All the content stays intact via elastic bands attached in the journal. The refillable feature of this journal makes it a utilitarian item that comes handy when you are on your trips or expeditions. The craft notebook is good for drawing, writing, sticking photos or articles, collecting tickets, and small postcards that make up the memories of the places you visit along with the written text in relation to them.


A journal could be a compilation of thoughts on paper with no editing, thinking required for the same which can be on any loose papers bound together or a regular notebook. Journal keeping can be done in today's tech-savvy world even on your gadgets like computers, tablets or laptops. Nowadays different types of journals are available on online portals with beautiful leather covers on them so that you can carry them along easily.

Keep A Log with Stylish Diaries


Diaries are, in contrary, more of logbooks where you jot down what happened throughout the day towards the end of the day describing the course of action whether good or bad, pretty or ugly. Dairies are kind of notebook planners that can be spiral or regular hardbound with simple or designer covers on them along with eye-catching prints. Diary writing contains written work or things written about oneself that can be done without any formal learning. It is like writing a timetable or making a report about oneself at the end of the day without a miss, as a diary entry has to be made every day.


Full ruled diaries or dated diaries are ideal for making a permanent record of the important information that can be quickly referred at any time in future. The dairies have full month calendars marked with one full page for taking down the notes for each day separately. One can write down legal notes, research data, personal memoirs and all the other details in these hard-bound diaries which are built to last for long.


An ideal diary has numerous detailed information compiled through STD codes, Health guide, weights and measures, income tax, major cities distance chart, time zones, list of holidays and many other pages for quick reference whenever needed. There are also telephone/address pages for storing the contacts and details in the space provided alongside. These long-lasting leather diaries can be customized for personal or corporate purposes for a minimal cost and this makes them an ideal gifting choice. A personalized diary is great for gifting friends and family while a customized diary with logos or branding can be distributed at a corporate level during events.


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Written by -  Simran Aggarwal