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Chill with Chibu

As everyone knows, India is the land of Yoga and meditation. These two were designed to go together: the yoga helps strengthen the body for long meditation sessions; the meditation helps the mind get into the body for yoga. And India invented both practices just a few millennia before they became fashionable all over the world.
People strive for peace and happiness in today's hectic world. We all need a peace of mind where our mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony with each other. It's not always possible for us to sit and relax every single day nor can we go for yoga sessions whenever we please. 
How about keeping something with us that will calm our mind and body and will inspire us to chill and relax even if things around us aren't letting us. 
Our cute Buddha plush doll spreads the same message in whole world. Meditation is the key to have a stress free happy life. This cute Buddha plush toy will be your meditation partner and will encourage you towards it.
The relax position of Buddha will make you feel relaxed and happy each time you see it. It is dressed like a monk who is travelling in search for inner peace and relaxation.

Clothes of this doll are removable and you can customize this as per your preference. Very soft material is used to make this plush doll. You will feel very calm just by hugging and holding this doll.