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Card Holders to Keep Your Cards Accessible

Visiting Cards are an important part of any corporate person’s life, they define their individuality in the corporate market as they create an impression of the person. The card holders are a perfect option for protection of any kind of business cards or ID cards or credit and debit cards. These card cases are available in three types: printed card holders, leather card holders and folding card holders or zip card holders. One can easily buy visiting card holders online amongst which the leather card holders with magnetic flap have a huge demand as they have a sleek look and can hold up to 10-25 cards and look sober and decent specially for people in corporates.


Customized Leather Card Holders


The tan brown leather card holders are the most selling among all our collection of card holders. They look sleek and have an aesthetic appeal to them which makes them more in demand. They can be used as an office card holder to keep all your visiting cards specially when you go out for any meeting. Customization print can also be done if you want to add anything to the plain leather card holder.

Designer Printed Card Holders Available Online


These card holder wallets are so handy and can be kept anywhere in your pocket or your handbag or even your backpack. These card holders not only are handy but also keep all your cards, be it business cards or your debit and credit cards safe, and prevent any scratches on them. These printed card holders with 20 plastic pages to store your cards with buttoned flap on them keep your cards safe from being misplaced anyhow. These card holder cases don’t occupy a very large space as they just fit in every other bag and even in your pocket.

All Round Zip Wallet Card Holders


It becomes unnecessary to carry a handbag if you can carry a leather zip wallet card holder to keep all your cash and cards in one place without any hassle. These unisex zip wallets, which are made of strong and durable PU leather, are also easy to carry and can be kept in a bag or can be kept in your pocket too. There are many varied designs available online at Hamee India or you can even get any design of your choice customized at minimal price.


Even the zip card holders available have 20 slots for the cards and have enough room for your ID cards, credit cards and other visiting cards. The small size also makes it a perfect fit for your pocket and handbags. These zip card holder wallets are made from high quality PU leather and the zip provided keep the cards safe and prevents them from being lost.

Foldable Card Holder


Another card holder available is the foldable leather card holder which can be easily folded and can slip easily in any pocket and can take up to 10 cards at a time. They just have no closure as such in terms of a flap or any chain. Still it can be used by people who just want to keep their ID’s in it like the metro cards which will not involve the hassle of taking out the card every now and then.


So, a variety of options are available to choose from as per the choice of the person. Every card holder provides complete protection to your cards and you can even use it to keep your business cards for a professional outlook. Any card holder can be chosen for providing your cards a perfect secure place.