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Best Water Bottles to Use While Traveling

A5 Memo Notebook Water Bottles


Have you ever taken your water bottles empty to school or workplace to reduce the weight? I think everyone might have experienced it. Also, while returning to home placing empty water bottles. Because they add unnecessary weight and also takes up a lot of space because of their shape.


Let’s find a solution to this problem. Presenting notebook style water bottle. To, beat the heat this summer with the sleeker and trendy design. Carrying water was not a fashion statement earlier. These bottles do not have a weight of their own. Thus, they are very lightweight. It is suitable for school bags, briefcase, and even a handbag because of its design. It is convenient to even handle in hands as a notebook or memo. Just give a try to A5 memo water bottles. You will fall in love with them and will find the best to use them while traveling.


Unique Feature


Leak Proof Water Bottles


Carry these bottles inside any bag without fear or worry. Tried and tested these bottles fully prevents any type of leakage. Thus, all your important stuff is safe from water damage.


Light Weight, Portable and Safe


These A5 memo bottles do have the weight of own. Take them with you at the gym, while running, cardio or any other thing. You will not realize much weight in your hand.  It can fit everywhere from your pockets to your backpack. Thus, increasing the usability of the manifold.


Easy to clean as the water bottle is dishwasher safe. The memo bottle is made of BPA- free plastic.  Moreover, the material used for making these memo water bottles is AS, PP which is very durable. These memo bottles are reusable and can hold 420ml of liquid.


Easily Fits Anywhere


A5 memo bottle is designed in a way that it easily fit in your school bag, briefcase etc and takes minimal space. Because of the flat design instead of around cylindrical design. Also, increases the usability of your manifold.




These bottles are free of any noxious odors and poisonous chemicals. It guarantees to preserve your drink fresh throughout the day.


Heat Resistance and Freezer Proof


These memo water bottles are durable. They come with a feature like a freezer proof and heat resistance. So, you can enjoy a drink. Moreover, they can also serve as a heating pad or ice pack in emergency cases. The only precaution to be kept in mind while using it as a heating pad is not to pour very hot drinks as it can resist the temperature range of about minus 20 degree Celsius to n120 degree Celsius.




Allows full visual access to its contents, this water bottle reduces water wastage by minimizing the chances of excess refills.


Multi-Purpose Usage


These A5 memo water bottles can be used for multi purposes. It can be used to store sodas, fruit juice, tea, coffee, and other refreshments. Also, can be used to store non- edible travel essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, and much more. They can also be used for gifting to your loved ones. They can serve as a perfect gift for any occasion and for every age group.