Best Selling Designs for OnePlus 7 Pro Covers

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and it goes very well with technology these days especially when it comes with new phones launching every month with newest technology. The latest on the block is OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro being launched. They had created a stir in the market before their launch only as OnePlus has become the most anticipated brand after entering the Indian market and has become one of the market leaders for smartphones.

The customers are always reassured with the fact that the new product is being launched by a brand they have used and have trust in and this has helped OnePlus in being the brand name it has become today. We always try and bring in covers as soon as the mobile is launched and sometimes even before they are officially launched. To accessorize your new device we have OnePlus 7 pro back covers along with some other cool accessories like the leather cable wrap which can be used to keep your earphones tangle free and not a mess, and even ring holders available in three coloursthat can be used best to accessorize with your phone’s back cover. We have a number of designs and patterns available with us curated by our designers and some of them are so much in demand that we have made them the best-selling designs for which you can see the list below-

  1. Colourful Patterns

In case of phone covers it becomes very confusing to choose between the innumerable designs available in front of you. So when going in for choosing a back cover for OnePlus 7 Pro you can choose from the different patterns available at our website. Dreamer Mist is one of the best demanded of all the patterned designs and is a new one in the collection. There are some mandala and mosaic designs as well which are not only colourful, but enhance the beauty of your handset. As they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so it is up to you to see whether you like the collection of the colourful patterns listed.




  1. The Beard Collection

There is a separate beard collection available where you can find many other products from our website having prints for all the beard fans. But there is also a demand for beard prints among phone covers. And to be positive about it, we really think that the beard design will be a likeable one among customers for OnePlus 7 Pro covers like it has been in the past.



  1. The Colourful Sketches

There are just four likely designs in this category but sure they have a customer set of their own, who like shades and who are intrigued to buy the back covers for OnePlus 7 Pro with such pretty designs like Laziness, Inner peace, Elephant Blast and Butterfly Dreamcatcher.



  1. Sarcastic Quotes

There are many prints available for the sarcasm loving people and they can totally enjoy as they can find many quotes and sarcastic one liners to don over their phone. The OnePlus 7 Pro collection of back covers can be searched easily on our website and a list of quirky yet presentable designs can be found in the collection available with us.



The designs available for OnePlus 7 pro phone covers are plain and general yet look extremely pleasing to the eye which in turn attracts the customer to buy them without any second thought on the pricing or anything else. Some of the prints are struck with the customer as they are trendy and totally have an impact which makes them visit the website again to buy the cover.