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Best Deals on Hamee India

In this technology-savvy world all the major e-commerce giants are offering their products on sale for the deemed benefit of the customers. Various products are sold with reduced price and some come with combo offers. E-commerce giants attract customers with their relative offers bundled up so that the maximum benefits pass on to the prospective buyers.

Hamee India is not far behind in this race to pass on the benefits to its customers with its products. These products start at Rs.99 and are available under this category of Best Deals at Hamee India. The deals are not only lucrative but are also a value for money. Don’t miss the opportunity or else you will regret later.

Whats In Store

This iPhone 6 (4.7”) natural wood hard case from Hamee India is a special case from the Hamee house as the cover has a beautiful texture of natural wood and the stripped design has been made by combining the various slices of wood which is dyed in various colors before combining them. The smooth texture eases your hand grip and the natural beauty of the cover pacifies your mind. The natural wood or bamboo used in making the covers is different each time hence giving each cover a different look altogether. If you have an eye for beauty and the need for bonding with Mother Nature then the cover is just custom made for you.

Add extra beauty to your tech genius device. The contour wood, made out of bamboo and carbon fiber, is a slim fit hard case cover for iPhone 6s /6 

Priced at only Rs.249, this thin case for iPhone 6s /6 is made out of natural wood with thickness of about 0.15 cm only. The technological revolution at Hamee India has brought in the thinness of the plastic covers, in the covers made out of wood. The wooden covers at Hamee India are just perfectly thin to fit in your palm and stylish enough to lend you an extra oomph factor among your peers.

These wooden covers are characterized by the thinness, lightness and strength, yet the characteristics of wood aren’t lagging behind. The cover would withstand strong impacts, pressure and heat, offering extra protection to your device. The carbon content and synthetic fiber mixed in wooden texture makes the cover strong enough to absorb drops, protecting the screen. Feel the warmth of wood and carry the beauty of wood along with you. A deadly combination of beauty and the guard is out there on Hamee India site only for you to grab the soonest.

If you are die-hard fan of Star War series or Marvel Comics then there is something designed especially for you and your iPhone 6s / 6.


Priced at only Rs.249 each, the covers are a once in a lifetime offer from Hamee India. All your favorite Marvel heroes, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and spacecraft drawing etc. have been printed on these Covers to give you the feel of these characters and their world.

The unique shape of the covers will fit in your hand offering you comfortable grip and stability while maintaining your style equation. The covers will protect the handset from scratches and shocks. 

The inside print of the case is different from the outer design. Moreover, the strap with closure button provides extra protection besides keeping the contents inside the cover intact. The Marvel Comic print cover is pocketed to keep your cards and cash in it thereby the cover enacts a wallet too.

Summers are approaching and handy water bottles are not a luxury.

There are customizable flat A5 size water bottles available from Hamee India which may be carried along like a memo or notebook. The perfect size makes the bottle fit in almost every pocket, be it yours or your backpacks. The light weight of the bottle makes its carrying feasible in any school bag or handbag. The leak proof bottle is super durable and will slide into any desirable holder. With the storage capacity of 420 ml, the bottle can`t handle extreme hot drinks, but it is freezer proof so you may double it as an ice pad in case the necessity arises. Priced at Rs.199 only, it’s the best gift for kids. 

Then there are PU leather soft and smooth flip covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, VIVO V5 / V5S, VIVO V7 PLUS, SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 PRO, IPHONE 6 / 6S, IPHONE 7 / IPHONE 8, MOTO G5 PLUS and ONEPLUS 5 on Hamee India site.

These are covers with card pockets in them to hold your ATM, metro card and debit / credit cards. There is a pocket to keep money too hence the cover doubles up as a wallet. The stylish magnetic closure ensures the content of the cover stays secure.


The exact size cuts on the cover will match your device's buttons, ports, microphone and speaker, thus you are freed from the hassle of removing and putting on the covers again and again. The covers are completely compatible with chargers and headphones too. The kick stand feature of the covers provides an extra edge over the other normal covers available in the market as the cover may be turned horizontally to place your device safely into it for smooth watching of videos or movies online. The cover will leave your hands free for performing other important tasks like munching snacks while watching movies on your handset.

If you have a tablet under 8” screen size then Hamee India has something exclusively for you.

These tablet covers can accommodate tablets under the size of 8” of any brand. Premium quality of PU leather is used in making the covers and is thick enough to provide cushioning to the screen enabling protection from minor drops, bumps, scratches and dust. The magnetic closure ensures double safety of the tablet.

With internal dimensions of 7.8 inches x 0.2 inches x 6.2 inches (L x W x H) and external dimensions of 8.9 inches x 0.3 inches x 7.3 inches (L x W x H), the covers for the tablets under 8” can slip into any bag easily.

Just grab the best deals from Hamee India before it's too late as the offer is valid only till the stocks last and the stock is ending rapidly with each passing moment. 

- Simran Aggarwal