Add-on an Aesthetic Appeal with the New MacBook Bags for Your 13 inch MacBooks

MacBooks are at a big boost in the market and most of the people are shifting from their usual laptops to these devices even though they have to spend a huge sum for it. Despite this, they are still ready to invest in them as they trust the brand and are even ready to invest in accessories for them. The newest MacBook Bags 13” available at Hamee India are compatible for all the given models: 2018 new MacBook Air 13” retina display (A1932), 13 inch new MacBook Pro 2016/ 2017/ 2018 (A1989/ A1706/ A1708), MacBook Air 13.3” (A1466) and 13” Old MacBook Pro (A1278). 


These MacBook Bags are available in two shades black and grey and can be carried easily as they have a leather handle which helps in carrying the MacBook comfortably. These bags have a zipper closing for keeping your MacBook safe and you can even keep your other accessories in them and from the inside they also provide a cushiony protection to your MacBook especially if the bag falls so it prevents any damage to your MacBook. The inner material is soft and doesn’t ends up giving scratches to your device at any cost.


The MacBook Sleeve Bags have space provided to keep your other important documents or devices on both the sides of the bags where you can place your other technical devices like your mobile charger, pen drives, battery bank etc. This bag also has a zipper at one end where people can keep their important documents and wallet. This kind of a handle MacBook bag is very useful for people who travel for work and like to keep their MacBook and other important documents handy so that can use it anytime they want and don’t have to search their bags for trouble. The interiors of these bags are so spongy and soft that they give complete protection to the MacBook keeping it safe from any damage.


A Perfect Travel Companion!


Most of us these days are on a rush because of our work, from home to work and sometimes to different cities or country for which these 13” MacBook Bags are a boon for the workaholic people who liked to arrange a separate bag for their devices and important work documents. This problem of keeping the MacBook, mobile and documents together for work is easily resolved in the form of the MacBook Bags online available at Hamee India.


These protective bags have leather handles to hold and keeps your MacBook safe inside as it has a zipper to keep it safe from any outside damage and also provides a cushiony protection. Because of the handles you can easily flaunt the aesthetic look of these bags. You can easily pair your 13 inch MacBook with these bags and flaunt either the black colour for your MacBook Air Bags or the grey colour for your MacBook Pro Bags. So, two colour options are available to choose from as per the choice of the person. Every MacBook bag provides complete protection to your belongings and you can even carry them to office with your laptop and diaries and can even be paired with any kind of outfit as they look artistic yet professional. Just pick from the colour and you’re ready to go! Browse from the amazing wide collection available with us on our website and pick the perfect MacBook bag that suits your style.