6 Types of Apple Watch Bands that Suits your Style

Apple watch series 3 is what Apple Watch has always aspired to be. If you’re looking for a watch in the market which can do lot more, then the Apple Watch Series 3 is the device for you. To have an apple watch which can stay connected without Wi-Fi or any paired iPhone nearby feels almost futuristic but that’s not all, the speed of the apple watch series 3 is the biggest new feature it has. Even if you’re planning to buy the Apple watch series 3 you can surely spare the time and search for some Apple watch bands series 3 to pair your 42mm Apple Watch with.


You can find the new Apple Watch Bands available in a huge collection of colours and materials and customers can choose from the wide collection available online. These Apple Watch bands are compatible with Series 3 (42mm) and they not only look classic, but have an aesthetic look too. The band materials provide a great look while wearing and some of the materials are washable whenever they get dirty. You are bound to have these below material Apple Watch Bands if you are a person who loves to have a great collection of watch bands to pair your smartwatch with.


1) The Classic Leather Apple Watch Bands


The leather Apple Watch Bands are one of the most original watches you can find in any person’s collection and give a classic and aesthetic look whenever you wear them. We have a wide collection in the leather bands in which we have the Vintage leather, Canvas leather bands available in red, grey and camouflage variants, and we also have the printed PU leather apple watch bands along with the real leather bands which are available in black and tan colour variants and also we have a croc style leather apple watch bands which also look classic and are in colour black and brown. These bands are compatible for Series 3(42mm) and Series 4(44mm) Apple watches. Each of the band is fitted with custom-designed, metal injection molded buckle and lugs.


2) Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands


The stainless steel watch bands are durable and are made with superior quality stainless steel which makes the surface feel exquisite and look quite fashionable. These watchbands can be adjusted when it comes to the length to fit your wrist and are very easy and simple to wear and remove. These stainless steel apple watch bands are a perfect partner for the corporate people.


3) Denim Replacement Watch Bands


These Apple Watch Replacement Bands are made from high quality denim material which do not irritate the wrists while wearing them like the steel straps which sometimes specially during the summer time can be a bit irritating to wear. The material is durable and does not fade easily with use and wear and tear.

4) Nylon Velcro Apple Watch Bands


These bands are made from premium nylon material which are water resistant and durable. The nylon material looks smooth, has fine finished stitching and is very easy and comfortable to wear and use and does not cause any kinds of irritation while wearing. The Velcro helps in saving time unlike the watches with buckles as it becomes easier to wear and remove. The Nylon Velcro straps are available in different colour variants like red, olive, teal, black, and purple and green.

5) The Ultimate Silicone Band Straps   


These straps are eco-friendly and are made from super soft, pure flexible and durable silicone and feels soft when worn around the wrist and does not creates any itchiness or irritation. These silicone sport bands are perfect for any occasion be it formal or casual. The bands can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist easily. The silicone texture straps are also available in black and blue colour variants and are perfect for any occasion.

6) Nylon Woven Apple Watch Bands


The Nylon woven straps are the most comfortable to wear among all and can be washed easily and are water resistant and most durable among all the materials so far. These can be the best alternative to wear from the usual leather bands or the metallic straps available in watches.

Apple as a brand has grown and evolved in many ways it has a genuine set of customers who try and purchase every other product it comes up with as they want to experience it. Owning an Apple watch and then trying the variations in the Apple watch band straps is like wearing a new watch every day. There are many different material straps available which can be tried and you can be a judge to which Apple Watch strap you like the most for your smartwatch either it is the silicon sport band, the canvas leather straps, the croc leather straps or the nylon woven bands. Many of these are even easily washable and can be used again without even a glitch on them.