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10 New Ways of Celebrating Diwali

Diwali is festival of lights. This day marks the home homing of lord Rama along with wife Sita and younger brother Laxmana decades ago after 14 years of exile. Various tales in different part of India are responsible for harmony in feeling of masses for celebrating this festival with great pomp and show.

In early era Diwali was celebrated with lighting earthen lamps and candles. Gifts were exchanged as token of love for each other. Time evolved and the way of celebrating the festival changed. Total makeover marked the way of celebration. Bursting crackers became essential part of Diwali celebration which deteriorates environment.

New school of thought

A total new school of thought is fast emerging in society. It’s because educated youth understand the pros and cons. They don’t follow the ages old custom but tries to bring in life new customs and innovations so that the celebration mode doesn’t cost health.

Opportunities: Sky is the limit

Who says celebration requires explosions? One may celebrate Diwali peacefully too. There are number of ways that could be inculcated in mind-sets for other way round celebration of any festival. There are kind of celebration which brings in joy and memories to cherish for every section and species of society.

Rangoli competitions- These may be organised on large scale so that people who are blessed with this art may get chance to show case their talents and win prizes too. Using organic colours and flowers may add zing thing to this idea.

Ethnic day celebration- People at personal level and companies at corporate level may make it mandatory to follow ethnic dress code this day to pay homage to our ages old customs. If gambling could be associated to holy festival of Diwali why can’t dress code be prescribed?

Diya painting and lighting competitions- Earthen lamps and Diwali are synonymous to each other. Why not to let this festival light up with earthen lamp rather than electric ones. Using organic oils in earthen lamp is icing on cake. And if competitions are held for painting and decoration of such Diyas, creative minds will be diverted.

Replace cracker busting with balloon busting- Why we need to pollute the environment to create explosion and make celebration. If busting gives sought of pleasure, think out of the box and bust balloons. At least this way animal would be safe. Noise pollution and air pollution will be under control. Unnecessary expenditure on crackers will be reduced. Accidents in cracker manufacturing units will get abolished.

Cleanliness drives- Diwali brings in cleanliness drives in every house of Indian society. Both rich and poor get their home cleaned up to welcome goddess Lakshmi. If this day is associated with cleanliness then why not let the drive spread to locality and surrounding cleanliness. This will only enhance our living standard.

Share and care- Why should sharing be limited among our relatives and near dear ones? Should we share sweets with any needy, the joy of sharing will multiply many a times. A poor child who haven’t eaten sweet for many days or haven’t worn new clothes what if she/he gets new on this auspicious day? The joy of such heart would be indescribable.

Cut short on sweet tooth- Festival and sweets are like two sides of same coin at least in Indian society. The sweets consumed as celebration cost health. Replace sweets sharing with salty bites. Bring in revolution in mind sets. Let every celebration taste salty because salt symbolises loyalty whereas sugar indicates disease.

Plant more tress- To save environment and bring in more greenery to planet why not made it mandatory to plant more and more trees on every festival of Indian society. This way number of trees will outnumber the population very soon. And earth will be much better a place.

Pledge – If everyone will pledge to contribute in their personal capacity to save environment no mission is impossible. Every impossible says I am (m) possible. So make pledge to save surrounding to hand it safely to coming generation.

Forget enmity- People do share gifts but at heart often they don’t feel too good about the person they are sharing gifts with. Rather than sharing gifts superficially and having enmity at heart, one should give away the negativity and brings in positivity. Enlightened should be heart and not just the path.

Philanthropy verses reality

These ways of celebrating smoke free Diwali desires changes in mind sets of classes and masses. It’s easy to say for jot down but difficult to follow.

I have short cut to make Diwali merrier at personal level at least. Visit and you will have reasons to celebrate Diwali for no reason and in every season

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